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Arujá, SP - MAHLE Behr Gerenciamento Térmico Brasil Ltda.

ArujáMAHLE Behr Gerenciamento Térmico Brasil Ltda.
Estrada dos Fernandes, 510, Mirante
Arujá - SP CEP: 07400-970
Telefone+55 11 4562-0300

The Behr Brazil has began 1981, when the company signed a collaboration agreement with the RCN Radiadores, that acted in our market since 1953. In 1994, assumed 55% of this company, and in 1997 completed 100%. The plant is located in Arujá (SP), manufactures system and components the refrigeration and air-conditioned vehicle. These products are used in passengers’ cars, SUV’s, trucks, buses and farm machines from leading manufactures in the mailing customer of the country.

Mogi Guaçu, SP – MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.

Mogi GuaçuMAHLE Metal Leve S.A. - Mogi Guaçu
Av. Ernst Mahle, 2000 - Mombaça
Mogi Guaçu - SP / CEP: 13846-146
Telefone: +55 19 3861-9100
The MAHLE plant in Mogi Guaçu was inaugurated in 1981 and this is the largest plant of the group in Brazil, manufacturing Pistons, Cylinder Liners, Piston Pins, Ring Insert, Connecting Rods and Camshafts.

Mogi Guaçu, SP - MAHLE Metal Leve S.A. - Filters

FiltrosMAHLE Metal Leve S.A. - Filtros
Av. Ernst Mahle, 1500 - Mombaça
Mogi Guaçu - SP CEP: 13846-146
Telefone +55 19 3861-9572
MAHLE accumulated 100 years experience in the manufacture of filters and in Brazil began its operations in 2000 in the city of Mogi Guaçu-SP. Develops products and complete systems such as air filters, oil, fuel filters, cabin air filters, activated carbon Canister and oil separators. Marketing is performed as Original Equipment and Aftermarket.



Mogi Guaçu, SP - MAHLE Filtroil Indústria e Comércio de Filtros Ltda.

FiltroilMAHLE Filtroil Indústria Guaçu - SP CEP: 13846-146
Telefone +55 19 3861-9572
The MAHLE Filtroil plant is a "Joint Venture" and was acquired in September 2007 for producing and selling Diesel filters for gas stations.

Mogi Guaçu, SP - MAHLE Industrial Filtration

FiltrationMAHLE Industrial Filtration
Av. Ernst Mahle, 1500 - Mombaça
Mogi Guaçu - SP CEP: 13846-146
Telefone +55 19 3861-9100
The MAHLE Industrial Filtration Ltd plant was inaugurated in June 2011 and is part of the group MAHLE Industry producing and selling Hydraulic Filters, Filter Water Separators, Process Filters, Filtration Systems for Ballast Water and cabins Dedusting.

Indaiatuba, SP – MAHLE Metal Leve Miba Sinterizados Ltda.

IndaiatubaMAHLE Metal Leve Miba Sinterizados Ltda - Indaiatuba
Rodovia Santos Dumont Km 57,2
Indaiatuba - SP / CEP: 13330-970 / Cx. Postal: 133
Telefone +55 19 3834-9911
The joint-venture between MAHLE and MIBA (Austrian company), which started in 1998, offers technology and solutions to ensure the high quality of products and services to our customers. Main products: cam lobes, belt pulleys, VVT components, chain sprockets, bearing caps, synchronizer hubs, synchronizer rings, shift forks, con rods, valve plates, pistons.

Itajubá, MG - MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.

ItajubaMAHLE Metal Leve S.A - Itajubá
Av.: Tiradentes, 251
Distrito Industrial Sérgio Pacheco
Telefone +55 35 3629-4000
Former manufacturer of piston rings - Cofap located on Itajubá-MG is acquired by MAHLE Group in 1996, and later, in 2005, started the manufacture of bushings in the same locality. MAHLE is the leading manufacturer of piston rings in Brazil, supplying its products to most domestic engine factories.

Jundiaí, SP – MAHLE Metal Leve S.A. - Technology Center

JundiaiMAHLE Metal Leve S.A. - Jundiaí
Rodovia Anhanguera Km 49,7 Jundiaí - SP
CEP: 13.210-877 PO Box: 3534
Telefone +55 11 4589-0400
In 2008 was the Grand Opening of the new Tech Center in Jundiaí. The focus of the MAHLE Technology Center is the development of components and technological solutions for internal combustion engines, aiming at the reduction of friction, emissions and fuel consumption.

Limeira, SP - MAHLE Metal Leve S.A - Aftermarket

Limeira_novo.jpgRodovia Engenheiro João Tosello (SP 147), km 96
Limeira - SP / CEP: 13486-264
Telefone: +55 19 3404-7770
The Distribution Center in Limeira was inaugurated in 1998/1999. This center provides products for maintenance and repair of motor vehicles for the national aftermarket and exports.

Queimados, RJ - MAHLE Hirschvogel Forjas S.A.

QueimadosoMAHLE Hirschvogel Forjas S.A.
Rodovia Presidente Dutra, 12240 KM 190 Queimados - RJ
CEP: 26390-410
Telefone: +55 21 2139-0601
In May 2008 the MAHLE and the German company Hirshvogel Umformtechnik GmbH agreed to establish a joint venture partnership with Forjas Brasileiras S.A., with headquarters in the city of Queimados-RJ. The company has forging process of the following product lines: connecting rods, slip joint pointers, fuel injection systems, crossarms, shafts, arms, links for conveyor belts, wheel rims, among other products.

São Bernardo do Campo, SP – MAHLE Metal Leve S.A.

Sao-Bernardo-do-CampoMAHLE Metal Leve S.A. - São Bernardo do Campo
Av.: 31 de Março, 2000
Jd. Borborema - SP CEP: 09660-000
Telefone: +55 11 4173-0758
It began operating in 1981 as Metal Leve and now belongs to the MAHLE Group since 1996. Located in the largest industrial center of the country and produces flat and flanged bushings.
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