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The starting signal – your application takes off.

Before the spark ignites and you set all cylinders in motion at full throttle … Stop! Take a look at your application. Because, regardless if you have just graduated from high school or are a professional with many years of experience, a good application is always important.

Cover letter
The first page of each application should be your cover letter. If it isn’t convincing, you’ll quickly lose ground to the competition. Write about one page, telling us about yourself, who you are, what you would like to do at MAHLE and why you – yes, only you – are the right person for this job.

Supporting documents
If the cover letter is the perfect start, then the supporting documents are what propel you across the finish line. A copy of your last three half-year report cards is required. And internship certificates, relevant awards (winner of the youth science competition "Jugend forscht," but not an honorary membership in the rabbit-breeding club) and further-training certificates can help you to victory. If you send your application via Email, please pack all documents into one PDF-File of max. 5MB.

The best thing to do is to take a look at our application tips and general selection process. And to all potential interns: You are the exception. We expect stellar applications from you, too, but we turn a blind eye to small mistakes.