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Apprenticeship – perfectly attuned for top performance.

School was like a drive through at a racetrack’s pits for you. Now, the course is free, and you have all options ahead of you. To ensure that your future accelerates, the apprenticeship programs offered by MAHLE are perfectly designed for you. That’s right, personally for you! Realizing just how individual our talented young people are, we take a personal approach to honing their very own skills. An investment that is very important to us. After all, the chances of getting a full-time position following the program are good. Those people who still have a tank full of fuel at the end of the apprenticeship and still have not had enough of studying can receive a college scholarship under certain conditions.

For doers: Entry-level employees who enjoy technology and working with their hands can apply their skills as mechatronic technicians, electronic technicians, draftsmen or in other commercial-technical occupations. Logical thinking, some manual skills and interest in technology are the stuff of success at one of the leading companies in this area.

For planners: Talented people interested in business also have a place at a globally successful company like MAHLE. Planning skills, a good feel for numbers and a service-focused attitude are the sparks that kindle successful performance in these jobs. People interested in administration and management will always find a variety of challenges in these commercial apprenticeship programs.

Regardless of the occupation you choose, MAHLE is interested in dedicated, team-playing people who enjoy learning new things. Are you such a person?

Then get off to a racing start with an apprenticeship at MAHLE!




For everyone who wants to quickly and securely reach his carreer goal.



Training concept.

Learn just why an apprenticeship at MAHLE simply packs a better punch.


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Learning & Development.

Inspection for your know-how. Tuning for your skills. Naturally at MAHLE.