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PerforM! – the future begins now.

Whether you are an intern or the recipient of a MAHLE Performance Award – you have impressed us with all that you have achieved at college. Now it’s time for us to reciprocate. Through our talent relationship program PerforM!, we aim to stay in contact with talented students like you and support your professional growth.

How do we support you? With selected seminars, events and preferred consideration for internships inside and outside Germany as well as final-thesis positions. And you can create your own personal MAHLE network when you are participating in the program. From the very beginning.

We’re at your side with support and advice throughout your college education. And we’re there for you afterward as well. We offer overachievers the opportunity to stay at MAHLE in a full-time position after they have earned their college degree.

Do want to know more about PerforM!? Then get in touch with Claudia Schumacher.

  • Claudia Schumacher

    MAHLE International GmbH

    Claudia Schumacher
    Responsibility: Talent Relationship Program PerforM!
    Pragstr. 26 - 46
    70376 Stuttgart
    +49 (0) 7 11-5 01-14666

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