Our benefits – your advantage.

We have high expectations – but we offer even much more. After all, we appreciate our employees’ work and we let it show. You, too, can benefit from the wide range of services we offer.

Our position as a technological leader? We owe that to our employees. Tapping their expertise and creativity, they turn groundbreaking ideas into successful products across the globe.

Your qualifications are our future. That is why we have developed a special employee-development program for you. From annual employee dialogs to appraisals of potential and qualification activities – the individual elements of the program support your career development. Individually and systematically.

In the annual employee dialog, you will discuss your responsibilities, past teamwork and future changes with your supervisor. Your career development forms the heart of these discussions. You can also express your own ideas about your future career path. Together, we will then decide which development measures are best suited to helping you achieve your career goals.

Our managers come to a large extent from our own ranks. Why? Because they have the best qualifications as a result of their personal and professional development. We have confidence in our employees‘ potential. After all, we see what they can do in terms of accomplishments, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking each and every day.

To identify our future managers, we employ appraisals of potential on a regular basis. The high potential candidates discovered through these assessments are subsequently placed in special management development programs that aim to prepare them for their new management positions. Individually and systematically. Are you striving for a career in management? We provide you with the ideal environment for this career path.

We have several learning methods for professional improvement guided by the development of MAHLE Competences. These include presence-based training, on-line English and training at the workstation. We also have the Education Stipend for those professionals who need to fit their education background to position needs, and the Language Stipend, for developing the language required for the function.

Talent can be identified and developed. Thus, the Management by Competences Program focuses on developing those competences that maximize the best results. Every year, our employees undergo a Competence Evaluation process to receive information about their performance and development.

Actions considered:

  • Education Stipend (undergraduate and graduate programs)
  • Language Stipend
  • Leadership development program
  • Courses for developing specific competences
  • In-house recruitment

MAHLE Global. Quarterly publication that informs all employees and family members about the main subjects at MAHLE units in Argentina and abroad. Other communication tools, such as bulletin boards and Intranet, make the internal communication process faster.

  • Health plan
  • Life insurance
  • Christmas Basket
  • Maternity Kit

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