MAHLE Electronics S.L.U., Motilla del Palancar

In Castilla La Mancha, between Valencia and Madrid is is located the small and quiet town of Motilla del Palancar. With an approximate population of 6,000 people, Motilla has all the basic services and so many attractions to live in it. MAHLE is a well-known and valued company in the region, with a very high reputation, for that reason, neighbors from neighboring towns move to this town to have the opportunity to work with us.

Motilla del Palancar is a productive center for electronic components for the automobile. The plant, closely linked to e-mobility, has a white room in its facilities and the 500 people in the center are working with the highest quality standards to manufacture base plates. We are very proud of being able to shape the mobility of the future, connected with the electric car, from Motilla del Palancar.

MAHLE Electronics S.L.U.
Ctra. Madrid-Valencia Km. 196
16200 Motilla del Palancar
, Cuenca
+34 969 18 00 21
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