MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Leibertingen

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Leibertingen

Lying between the district towns of Tuttlingen and Sigmaringen in the Danube valley is the Leibertingen plant. The plant is one of the most modern in the entire MAHLE Group. Assembled camshafts are produced in highly automated production processes. The process steps inductive hardening, cam bore machining and cam shape milling are performed in fully automated systems. The assembled camshafts are finished on automated production lines. Here the cams are joined to the pipe by thermal shrink fit. The production concept is highly flexible and includes integrated measurement and testing technology. The staff of around 415 are proud of the increase in the number of camshafts produced from 1.8 million in 2013 to the 7 million expected in 2020.

The municipality Leibertingen with its districts Altheim, Kreenheinstetten and Thalheim has a population of around 2,100. The municipality includes kindergartens and a primary school. The next larger cities, which are easily accessible with daily bus connections, are Sigmaringen (population around 16,500) and the former residence city of Messkirch (population around 8,300). Messkirch offers a full range of secondary school options including lower (Hauptschule), intermediate (Realschule) and upper level (Gymnasium). The district town of Sigmaringen, located 24 km away, offers all advanced schooling levels.

The municipality Leibertingen offers a number of communal associations such as the flying association of Leibertingen, a fire department, music associations, festival jester clubs, sports clubs and a gymnastic club. The town offers residents and visitors alike a wide range of cultural amenities as well as a magnificent backdrop for living and spending time. The nearby Danube valley is an inviting destination for recreation and relaxation, as well as for sporting activities (climbing, hiking, biking). The nearest highway connection, A81 to Stuttgart and Singen, is 42 km away.

The area features the wild-romantic Danube valley, the Upper Danube Nature Park, the Wildenstein Castle and the sailplane field. Lake Constance is also just 50 km from Leibertingen.

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