MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf

The Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf plant at the Freiberg production site in Saxony is part of the thermal management unit of the MAHLE Group, which today is one of the leading global original equipment manufacturers in the field of engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning outside the passenger car and truck market. The staff of around 100 employees produces a wide range of products and is proud of the long company history of the family-friendly plant.

Freiberg is located in central Saxony, southeast of Dresden, and has a population of around 41,000. As a college town, it offers excellent social opportunities, bucolic charm and a beautiful city center. The city offers an excellent quality of life with its many leisure activities, proximity to the Ore Mountains and Dresden, access to the state capital and airport, and proximity to the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and TU Dresden.

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG
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