Questions about joining the company as a student? You will find the answers here.

So that there are no unanswered questions about your first practical experiences at MAHLE and your application.

In addition, our contact partners will be glad to assist you as well.

You can find our current job listing here.

In Austria, we are currently looking for employees in the following areas: quality, design, production, logistics, controlling, finance & accounting and testing. Aside from these, you can support us in many other areas, too.

On the one hand, we offer a multifaceted training program with courses on topics ranging from labor law to product training and time management. On the other hand, we have developed a special employee-development program for you. The development measures that are best suited to helping you achieve your career goals are determined in annual job-performance review.

You will automatically receive an acknowledgment indicating that your application was received. Afterward, we may ask you to provide additional or missing documents. For you own sake, please respond as quickly as possible. Your application will be reviewed by our human resources department and then forwarded to the respective functional area, where it will be carefully reviewed. Depending on the results of this review, you will receive an invitation to a job interview or, unfortunately, a rejection.

Depending on how you choose to get started at MAHLE, you will undergo different selection processes. Find out exactly what your selection process will be like in the FAQs for the respective entry option.

At MAHLE, you will not be subjected to a standardized process. Instead, you will go through an individual selection procedure. We base our hiring decision strictly on your documents and, of course, the personal job interview.

For us, it’s really important to get an impression of your personality. And it helps to have a feel for the MAHLE world and what your desired job would be like:

  • Do you know your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses?
  • Make sure you know what MAHLE is and does and are familiar with the operations of the area you applied for. You can find detailed information on our Web site ( We look forward to your questions about us.
  • Why is MAHLE the right place for you and how can you support our company?

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