Qustions about joining the company as a school leaver? You will find the answers here.

So that there is no unanswered questions about your apprenticeship or internship at MAHLE and your application. In additon, our contact partners glady stand ready do assist you as well.

Please always send us your comprehensive application by the middle of April at the latest. This is the deadline for applications.

Apprenticeships at MAHLE always start in mid-September of any given year.

MAHLE provides training for both technical and commercial occupations. We have provided a description of the individual occupations for you in the section "Apprenticeship->Opportunities." You will find specific job descriptions in our latest job-opportunity announcements.

In Austria, an apprenticeship generally lasts between two years and four years. The length of the program depends on a number of factors, including type of occupation, your school-leaving certificate and your individual performance. You can find the exact length of your dream position at "Apprenticeship->Opportunities."

Apprenticeship salaries are always based on the metalworking industry’s current collective-bargaining agreement. In addition, MAHLE assumes residential costs during live-in vocational schooling. Students who excel are rewarded with bonuses. Your contact partner can provide you with further information.

MAHLE offers its apprentices a wide range of further training options. These include the opportunity for you to participate regularly in computer training courses, product training courses and examination preparation courses. Find out more at "Apprenticeships -> Training & qualification activities".

To apply for an advertised apprenticeship, please send your application via the MAHLE Recruiting-Portal eMploy. To do so, click on the button "Online application" in the respective job vacancy in order to register at portal. Please also upload the following documents as a file:

  • A cover letter in which you tell us about yourself and about why you want to start an apprenticeship with us
  • A handwritten resume including a photograph
  • A copy of your high school diploma
  • A copy of your half-year grade certificate for the school you are currently attending

Our selection process begins with a careful review of your application documents. If we like what we see, we will conduct occupation-specific screening tests and invite you to a job interview.

For starting an apprenticeship, you must have completed the equivalent of Austrian 9th grade and thus have completed your compulsory schooling.

While we place great emphasis on your personality, your school grades naturally serve as one evaluation criterion for preselecting suitable candidates. School grades are like admission tickets: Certain grades are a prerequisite for admission to the interview. However, they are not the sole deciding factor for awarding apprenticeships. We focus on various subjects depending on the apprenticeship occupation.

Yes. You can upload your diploma at any time via the MAHLE Recruiting-Portal eMploy.

Typical questions can include:

  • Why would you like to learn this occupation?
  • Why would you like to have an apprenticeship at MAHLE?
  • What interests you in particular about MAHLE?
  • What were your favorite subjects in school?
  • How can you best apply your special skills in your desired occupation?
  • What are your career plans?

Yes. Apart from the apprentice’s salary, you can expect a comprehensive range of individual further qualification opportunities at MAHLE. In addition, we offer you flexible working hours and workplaces with state-of-the art equipment.

Mentoring is carried out by qualified trainers and specialists from the various specialized departments in our company.

The training courses are held for a particular period of time.

Because we train apprentices in line with demand, your chances of being taken on in a permanent capacity when you finish your apprenticeship are very good. In recent years, we were able to offer a permanent position to all qualified apprentices who excelled in their performance during their apprenticeships. Frequently, our apprentices are already sent to work in their future departments in the final months of their apprenticeship. Thus they can get up to speed very quickly in their new work area after completing their apprenticeship and can work independently and assume responsibility.

Even while you are still in compulsory schooling, you are given the opportunity to get a first impression of MAHLE by doing a short internship with us so that you will be able to say with confidence: "Yes, I want to start my professional career at MAHLE." While you participate in this individualized career orientation program, you can take a closer look at the skilled trades and gather valuable experience for making your career decision. You can gain practical experience in the various specialist areas and at the apprentice academy, a tour of the plant and information about our locations and the overall group, as well as valuable first-hand information through contact with current apprentices. Please get in touch with our contact partner in person and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you.

Of course! Find out more from your contact partner about the various options open to you!

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