Questions about joining the company as a student? You will find the answers here.

So that there are no unanswered questions about your first practical experiences at MAHLE and your application. In addition, our contact partners gladly stand ready to assist you as well.

College students have the opportunity to complete an internship before and while attending university. You can also intern while completing your bachelor’s, master’s or Austrian diplom degree.

You can support us an intern for four to six months.

Yes, interns enlisted receive a monthly compensation.

As an intern, your workweek is set at 38,5 hours under the collective bargaining agreement.

Yes, you are generally entitled to vacation. The number of days to which you are entitled depends on the length of your internship.

Ideally, you should apply for an internship six months or a semester before you would like to begin.

Yes. We post possible topics as job vacancies. But you can also suggest a topic - technical or commercial - of your own as long as it has something to do with MAHLE operations. Elisabeth Eder ( or Corinna Malej ( will answer your questions about final theses.

Ideally, you should apply about three to four months before you would like to start. But we also post final-thesis position announcements on short notice. That’s why you should regularly visit our career Web site.

A final thesis normally takes three to six months to complete. Generally, you should follow your university’s examination regulations and the individual requirements of the department for which you are writing your final thesis.

In coordination with your adviser, your working hours can be flexible up to a certain degree. This way, you can also work on your thesis at home, in the library or at the university or meet with your professor.

You will have an adviser in the department, who will discuss your topic with you beforehand and is your point of contact for all issues. Together with your advisor, you will define the main objective, length and concept of your thesis. In addition, your adviser will read your thesis upon completion and give you helpful tips during the entire process.

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