Convincing in every way – our selection process.

Have you sent your application to us? Very good! We are taking a look at it. This overview will show what will happen next and how we select the right candidates for MAHLE.


1. Receipt of applications (mail, e-mail, etc.).

2. Review of documents and preselection of the candidates by the HR department of the site.

3. Forwarding of selected applications to the functional area.

4. Feedback : rejection or decision to go on (initial job interview).


5. First job interview with HR employee and immediate supervisor from the functional area to know the professional project of the applicant, determine its motivations for the job and discover its professional qualities.

6. Feedback : rejection or pursuit of the process.

7. To validate that the skills and the potential of the applicant fit with the job, other interviews can follow: with the service RH, the manager of the sector recruiter, the immediate superior of the future employee (department head, etc.) or colleagues.

8. Feedback: rejection or proposal of employment contract.

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