Apprenticeship – perfectly attuned for top performance.

You finished school successfully and you can now start on your career path. To make sure you stay on the right track, the apprenticeship opportunities offered by MAHLE are designed specifically for you. Realizing just how individual our talented young people are, we take a personal approach to supporting you and honing your skills. We do this by providing regular feedback sessions and a diverse training program. We also prepare you as good as possible for your final exam. An investment that we value. You always know what’s next for you – even after your training. After all, the chances of getting a full-time position following the apprenticeship opportunity are good. And those who still have not had enough after the apprenticeship can go further with a targeted cooperative studies program.

For doers: Entry-level employees who enjoy technology and working with their hands can apply their skills as mechatronic technicians, electronic technicians, draftsmen or in other commercial-technical occupations. Logical thinking, some manual skills and interest in technology are the stuff of success at one of the leading companies in this area.

For planners: A good head for figures, planning skills and a service-focused approach – young talents interested in administration and management are a good fit for a globally successful company like MAHLE. Those who enjoy staying in control, will find a variety of challenges in these apprenticeship opportunities.

Regardless of the occupation you choose, MAHLE is interested in dedicated, team-playing people who enjoy learning new things. Are you this kind of person? Find out more about apprenticeships here. Take the first step – with us.


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