Our training concept– the secure way to the goal.

Pick up the mail, make the coffee, wash the boss’ car. Not at MAHLE. At our company, you can expect challenging assignments, a structured introduction during the initial first few weeks, full support from motivated trainers and HR personnel, as well as total support from friendly colleagues. Because for us, teamwork is more than just a word. That’s why we make sure you are a fully integrated part of the team from day one, and get to take on exciting challenges.

The road to a successful apprenticeship:

1) Always on top: Qualified employees at MAHLE teach the occupations by using the right, contemporary content.

2) Always in the center: By teaching the necessary knowledge and skills, optimal integration into the team is ensured.

3) Always future-oriented In terms of both quantity and quality, MAHLE trains young people who can be given full-time jobs as needed.

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