Cooperative studies – two goals, one path.

Economical and sporty. Quiet and powerful. Effective and efficient. In engine technology, opposites do not cancel each other out. In fact, they complement each other! The dual studies program at MAHLE will put you in a good starting position for your future. You will find the ideal environment and full support for your personal and professional development. After completing secondary school, you can acquire the practical know-how and the far-reaching theoretical knowledge a university offers. Cover double the distance in one spurt.

But this takes ambition: achieving your goal depends on your commitment. Those with endurance and passion have the best chances of succeeding and will find their own path. Convince yourself: read more about the study programs at MAHLE.

Study programs

For doers. For planners. For everyone who wants to quickly and surely reach his or her career goal.


The cooperative studies concept.

We pave the way for you to reach your goals with enthusiasm.


Learning & Development.

Looking under the hood of your know-how. Tuning up your abilities. It’s a matter of course at MAHLE.


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