Our training concept – reaching your goals with enthusiasm.

No dead ends. No wrong turns. Stay on the main road or find your own personal route at MAHLE. Either way, you will always learn exactly what you need to know for your future – in a clearly structured program with forward-looking guidance. Particularly in the dual studies program, we attach great value to offering study programs that are perfectly in tune with professional requirements, targeted support and competent mentoring. Nationally and internationally. We naturally involve you in the selection of your placement abroad. Start planning your work abroad experience today.

Your path to academic success:

1) Always on top: Qualified employees at MAHLE teach the occupations by using the right, contemporary content.

2) Always in the center: By teaching the necessary knowledge and skills, optimal integration into the team is ensured.

3) Always future-oriented: In terms of both quality and quantity, MAHLE trains young people who can be given full-time jobs as needed.

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