We at MAHLE promote Diversity and Inclusion

“It was specifically our diversity that led us to success” - Ernst Mahle

MAHLE’s founders, Ernst and Hermann Mahle, recognized early on that different outlooks are vital for a company’s success. The brothers combined their strengths - Ernst as an engineer and Hermann as a businessman - to drive forward both innovation and profitability in their company.

Here at MAHLE, we continue to pursue this principle and use a variety of measures to actively foster all aspects of diversity.

We at MAHLE are committed to fostering a working environment that is free of prejudice in which all employees are valued and respected for their achievements - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or worldview, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Our vision and mission is to promote diversity in our company in order to achieve better performance and results, stay competitive in a highly competitive market, keep our current employees satisfied and continue to be an attractive employer on the job market. This is why we signed the German Diversity Charter.

At MAHLE, four generations are currently working together - each with its own unique characteristics. Generation management means recognizing, encouraging, and benefiting from the positive effects of cooperation between different age-groups. A key aspect of this is the mutual sharing of knowledge.

Supporting women and men equally is an essential element of diversity management at MAHLE. To maximize the potential of both genders, we offer our employees a range of platforms for professional and personal ongoing development, raise awareness about gender-specific challenges in everyday work, and promote the development and expansion of local and international networks.

For us, it’s extremely important to help our employees establish a work–life balance. That’s why we constantly strive to improve the working environment - through flexible working models and attractive benefits, for example.

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