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Do you still have questions? We’ve compiled the answers to various questions about the application process in a compact overview. In addition, our contact people stand ready to assist you – regardless of what type of position you are interested in.

Regular Questions:

The easiest and quickest way to apply is to send your application by e-mail. But you can also mail us your application. And your application, particularly with respect to existing work relationships, will be handled in a confidential manner.

Always send your application to the relevant contact person! If you are responding to a specific job advertisement, you’ll find the contact person and his or her address and telephone number in the advertisement. If you have a general interest in the company, send your resume to the contact person responsible for type of position you’re interested in.

The general rule is: only send one application, regardless of how many positions you are interested in! Send your application to the relevant contact person for position that would prefer. You can always indicate your second and third choice in your cover letter. If we think that one of these positions is a better fit for you, we will automatically forward your application on to the appropriate contact person.

You can find our current job listing here.

On the one hand, we offer a multifaceted training program with courses on topics ranging from product training to time management. On the other hand, we have developed a special employee-development program for you. The development measures that are best suited to helping you achieve your career goals are determined in annual job-performance review. Find out more under " Our benefits.”

To avoid questions, you should send us – either by e-mail or by mail – an application that is as complete as possible. This should include a cover letter, resume and all relevant school and university transcripts and certificates as well as references. If you are sending your application by e-mail, please include this information as an attachment.

We prefer to receive PDF documents. The attachments should not exceed a total size of 5 MB, and no more than three documents should be attached to the e-mail.

As long as the position is still listed in our job center, you can apply for it.

Because MAHLE is an international company, you should speak English in addition to Hungarian. The ability to speak other foreign languages would be beneficial.

At MAHLE, you will not be subjected to a standardized process. Instead, you will go through an individual selection procedure. We base our hiring decision strictly on your documents and, of course, the personal job interview.

For us, it’s really important to get an impression of your personality. And it helps to have a feel for the MAHLE world and what your desired job would be like:

Do you know your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses?

Make sure you know what MAHLE is and does and are familiar with the operations of the area you applied for. You can find detailed information on our Web site (www.mahle.com). We look forward to your questions about us. Why is MAHLE the right place for you and how can you support our company?

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