Graduate Trainee - expanding your horizons.

You are well-versed in theory. Now, you want to prove yourself in the real world of business? Finally make your ideas a reality after college taking a direct entry with MAHLE as a “Graduate Engineer Trainee” or a “Management Trainee”. After all, there are many paths open to you at MAHLE where you assume direct responsibility "on the job''.

As a direct hire, you will benefit from our well organized and planned step by step training programs to develop proficiency in you, to deal with a wide array of projects, products and their challenges. In your functional area, you can hone your talents to your desire, professionally and personally, in India and around the world. Work for MAHLE, an employer that helps you get to where you want to go, and beyond.

Now it’s up to you. Find the right position for you in your desired area in our job center and apply today. Your path starts here and now – with us.

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