我们喜欢有目标的员工。您呢? 您是否准备好了接受挑战?马勒是全球领先的汽车零部件供应商。 我们的产品从发动机及其外围设备配件到完整的发动机总成的系统解决方案解决了动力总成和空调技术的所有关键问题。 今天,共有78000名员工分别分布在170个生产基地和16个研发中心共同致力于研发创新产品。我们不断完善现有技术和研发新理念从而减少消耗燃料及二氧化碳的排放,为创造一个更好的环境做出了重要贡献。

分享专业知识,开拓思维,勇于承担 在马勒MAHLE Electric Drives (Taicang) Co., Ltd.Taicang City作为

Project Manager

1. Manage the Project Team to realize the project objectives defined in the Project Agreement

2. Ensure that proper methods are used in defining corrective actions (e.g. Risk Management, Change Management)

3. Support the selection of outsourcing and development partners, components and suppliers (action items resulting from the Sourcing Committee to be integrated in the Project Plan)

4. Plan and conduct project – review - and milestone meetings

5. Establish the appropriate project organization plan (including team at receiving production location)

6. Plan, coordinate, track, report and implement the entire project

7. Achieve the agreed project objectives

8. Manage Customer interface – per location structure (Commercial in conjunction with Sales)

1. Bachelor degree or above (Mechanical is preferred like engine or vehicle engineering)

2. Minimum 8-year working experience with at least 3-year PM experience in automotive industry

3. Familiar with IATF16949 system, APQP & other related PM tools

4. Good command of English in speaking, listening, writing, reading

5. Strong summary capability (points focus), aggressive with flexibility, good team work spirit, good communication skills

6. Sense of project financials & controlling


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