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Industrialization Engineer

The fundamental mission of the industrialization engineer is to design, implement and execute everything necessary to obtain the optimum exploitation of the systems or processes to be installed in the production departments.

  • In charge of detailing, means and human resources necessary for the implementation of productive processes according to what was requested by R & D and production (machinery, labor, work circuit ...).
  • Determine, and in many cases negotiate with suppliers, the acquisition of materials, devices and labor needed in the execution of projects.
  • Propose and manage improvements in the process for the reduction of Scrap.
  • Analyze systems of greater Security in the processes and in machines.
  • Ergonomic studies focused on achieving the highest productivity with maximum cost reduction.
  • Its function is to comply with the 4 main sources that maintain a company such as Safety, Quality, Delivery and Costs.
  • Structure the processes as robust as possible for customer satisfaction.
  • Mastery of the tools: flow chart, synoptics of manufacturing and control, guidelines of operations of positions, control plans and keep the AMDEC up to date to guarantee the control and stability of the processes.
  • Manage technology according to the strategies of the company.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • Logical - mathematical reasoning.
  • Computer skills
  • Permanent desire to excel.
  • Interest in new technologies.
  • Interest in the design, improvement and innovation of productive processes in manufacturing areas.
  • Technical / Industrial Engineering, complemented with knowledge of control and management of processes and of the usual computer applications oriented to the automotive sector.
  • You must acquire a very high level of knowledge of the tools, devices and applications of industrial computing for the control and optimal management of your work

We offer you excellent opportunities for growth and development, tailored specifically for you. We ensure this through regular meetings focused on feedback and a diverse training program. We value outstanding performance. That’s why our goal is to work with you on a long-term basis. We not only encourage you to reach your potential, we also offer performance-based pay and flexible working options for your different stages of life. Go your path – with us.

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