International Graduate Program – Development at high level.

You shined in university. Now take the opportunity to shine around the world. Our International Graduate Program offers highly qualified university graduates excellent career prospects.

The Program – Individual and diverse

Regardless of whether it is a technical department or an economic field, we will prepare your for your future tasks and duties in the area you are interested in and we will show you how to think outside the box. You can show us what you can do during various challenges and projects.

The exact content of the program is planned individually. This way you have the opportunity to work on projects that will help you grow professionally. And contribute to MAHLE’s success. Of course, you can contribute your own ideas about the direction you would like to take.

We support you on your road to success. In regular meetings with your mentors, you will discuss your new experiences, future program content and your development goals with your mentor and professional-development coordinators. The support you need to help you get ahead is guaranteed.

The International Graduate Program - the specs:

  • Length: 15 months to 18 months (flexible starting date),
  • Opportunity to carry out several different projects – at least one project is completed abroad (3 months to 6 months),
  • Training events, complemented by individual learning and development measures,
  • Intensive support from mentors in your focus area and from HR,
  • Permanent position from the start

International Program for Graduates - scheme:

Our requirements – your skills are in demand.

Do you want to contribute your ideas and move things forward? Great. To be able to reach for the stars, you must meet the following qualifications:

  • University degree in the desired subject and above-average grades
  • Relevant apprenticeship – preferably in the automotive field
  • International experience gained by studying a semester or working abroad (internship, student job, etc.)
  • Additional qualifications such as an apprentice certificate or MBA are preferred
  • Extensive subject know-how – including relevant specific knowledge and skills, for example knowledge of special software
  • Excellent command of English and preferably an additional world language
  • Willingness to work around the world
  • Strong communication skills and team spirit
  • Strong interest in technology
  • High level of flexibility and goal orientation.

Focus areas

Our focus areas – diverse and professional.

Whether in research and development, production, sales or in the commercial area – as part of our International Graduate Program, you decide your future. Exciting tasks, real teamwork and excellent prospects are waiting for you in each area. But don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself.

MAHLE Aftermarket, a seller of spare parts, operates in 24 international locations which include 6 distribution offices and it employs about 1,500 employees all over the world. Global success, local presence.

Aftermarket Poland means about 5600 m², 7,956 full pallet spaces and 4,938 smaller shelves, known as “locks.” We provide services to wholesale automotive businesses in Poland, in the Ukraine, in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The Krotoszyn warehouse distributes MAHLE Original – a brand of engine parts, such as pistons, cylinder liners, piston rings, bearings, valves, valve guides, valve seats and fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, cabin filters and air dryers; our most recent products distributed within MAHLE Original are turbochargers. The other leading brand is KNECHT Filter, covering a full-range filter programme. MAHLE Original and KNECHT Filter products have broad application, beginning from the smallest vehicles, such as motorcycles, through cars and trucks to farming and construction machines. Our offer includes parts for all engines. We provide our customers with top-quality products and thoughtful, comprehensive advice and care. We deliver production-related and technical training. We offer a series of product catalogues, technical guides, information brochures, and advertising materials – also in an online version. We are present at international automotive fairs and at many regional exhibitions. In the future we plan to expand the range of our products and strengthen the product distribution network to maximally satisfy our customers.

Accounting & finance is the department responsible for recording our company’s business events. It also develops the data necessary to establish the company’s results and evaluate its financial position, prepares monthly financial statements and tax returns, settles financial obligations etc.

The most important areas of controlling are: preparation of budgets and strategic plans, monthly reporting, sales analyses, monitoring of inventory, age structures and careful valuations of semi-finished and finished products. Furthermore – controlling of costs, calculations of standard prices and offers, ongoing monitoring of the planned targets against the actual results.

We want employees who do not just have the necessary feel for numbers and an understanding of the interrelationships of business. We want people who can also look beyond the horizon. For instance, in terms of our technology. You must have this knowledge to grasp our work as a company and to become a true partner for the management level. We additionally require economic education, very good command of English and/or German; experience and knowledge of the CO module in SAP R/3 is also welcome.

An optimal product line. As the world market leader, we develop, coordinate and carry out the best global product-group strategies. In a precisely targeted manner, procurement market, price and value analyses are performed, national and international negotiations are conducted and development projects are supported – naturally in close cooperation with various planning and manufacturing departments.

The task of our Purchasing department is to negotiate any commercial terms and conditions with suppliers and develop the best purchasing conditions for our company; this means in particular ensuring deliveries of any services and raw materials according to deadlines, quality specifications and at competitive prices.

At MAHLE’s Purchasing we offer exciting jobs in an international setting. Naturally, this work will be performed using the latest purchasing tools, including e-catalogue management and internet auctions.

The right goods in the right time. In logistics we cover the whole range of values. From the customer to the supplier, from a calculation request to an offer. We develop individual logistic concepts and support projects from selection of manufacturing location through commencement of serial production. In every plant in the world.

We help our plants in major logistic projects in terms of production, distribution planning, material flow and inventory planning, as well as dispatch and waste disposal systems. We also ensure their implementation through effective project management and controlling. In areas such as strategic planning, supply chain management or production and warehouse logistics, these challenges offer individual employees considerable freedom and responsibility.

We have a logistics network that has enormous know-how and years of experience. Our employees carry out responsibility-filled projects in the broadest variety of locations around the world. To ensure that these employees can deliver the usual MAHLE quality, we help them grow by offering continuous professional development courses. As a result, they remain up to date about trends in logistics.

From successful personnel selection through employee development and continuing training – the skills of the Human Resources unit play a critical role in the reaching of our long-term company goals. After all, our employees are the guarantee of our success!

The Human Resources department acts as a link between employees and their superiors, it combines the interest of the company and the management board with the individual interest of its people. Individual units are responsible for: employee recruitment, employees’ work time settlement, personal files administration, development path planning, training organisation, salary calculation and benefits from the company’s benefit fund for employees, their families and pensioners. Knowledge of the issues connected with Human Resources Management and excellent interpersonal skills are the basic qualifications required in our department. The critical factor is your dedication. And we will promote it for you.

Continuous Improvement department is responsible for spreading the KAIZEN philosophy in our company. According to the Mahle Production System (MPS), adopted by the majority of the MAHLE concern, our goal is production free of losses and waste. We strive for it through systematic employee training and coordination of activities carried out within improvement teams or projects. We continuously seek new inspirations and ideas, exchanging experiences with our colleagues from other departments of the concern or from friendly companies from Poland.

Our Continuous Improvement department has had its first accomplishments. Several manufacturing sections in the production area have certificates of Kaizen audits performed by our colleagues from our sister companies; we are among leaders in terms of implementation of the MPS model within the concern. We intend to maintain this high level constantly and effectively eliminating whatever is not an added value from our processes. From those who wish to take the challenge of working in the Continuous Improvement team we expect creativity, openness to changes and team spirit. The ability to organise one’s own work time and knowledge of the basic issues connected with the Kaizen philosophy are also welcome.

“Good quality is of crucial importance: there is always room for improvement” – as a Quality department employee, you are responsible for putting this quote from Ernst Mahle motto into action. Even today this statement is firmly anchored in the quality principles of MAHLE.

MAHLE’s current quality strategy is based on optimum production facilities as well as the “Total Quality Management” system introduced at the beginning of nineties. This philosophy entails flexibility, conscientiousness, and responsibility on the part of each individual employee, in each development and production phase, in all projects with suppliers, customers and partners.

Project management at MAHLE determines potential sources of errors during the very first development phases, assessing the feasibility of the defined project objectives. To be able to ensure top quality, MAHLE insists that suppliers and international production plants used automated, state-of-the art production and testing technologies, meeting strict quality standards.

Over 140 production plants. 5 continents. One standard. Our efficient, state-of-the-art production processes all round the world facilitate ergonomic series production on the highest level. Every production area has an autonomous team. This team consists of workers, skilled technicians, specialists and support staff in such areas as production preparation, quality assurance for prototype manufacturing, and logistics. Our products are manufactured with cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, designed specifically to meet production needs. Of course, we do this while meeting the highest quality standards. This is a job for motivated, people interested in technology.

The Piston Foundry manufactures piston casts for car engines, mostly for of our Pistons Machining and partially raw casts for sale. They are diesel-type casts, casts for petrol OTTO engines and REPKO-type casts.

The Piston Machining department manufactures pistons for petrol OTTO engines and diesel engines. The production is mostly used for the first assembly; it covers renovation pistons only to a small degree. We are currently manufacturing about 200 various piston types with diameters of up to 100 mm.

The Cylinder Liner Foundry uses the centrifugal casting method to prepare casts of: cylinder liners for car and truck engines, large-sized cylinder liners for ship engines and railway engines, cylinder liners for compressors, pipes for piston inserts, liners for control rings for turbochargers; it uses the continuous casting technique to produce casts in the form of cast iron bars, e.g. for valve guides. Our products are manufactured of grey low-alloy, high-alloy and austenitic cast iron.

The Cylinder Liner Machining department manufactures the majority of liners as fully mechanically processed products, along with the final processing of the sliding surface of liners, which is the surface that works directly with piston rings. The final processing of the sliding surface, known as honing, and the materials used are of the fundamental significance for operational properties, mostly for oil consumption, engine durability, parameters of exhaust gases. Due to the materials used in liner production, the processing technology, and the final precision we are able to meet the requirements of our customers.

The Valve department manufactures valve train systems for engines. The valves are made according to the newest technological trends.

Valve guides are parts of internal combustion engines. They perform valve guides functions for valves. It is a department originating from the initial manufacturing plant in Krotoszyn.

The Technique Service department oversees proper provision of technological utilities, such as: electricity, heat, natural gas, water, compressed air. It supervises oil and lubricant management, environmental protection and the proper sewage neutralisation process. It additionally handles the duties connected with building infrastructure and management of new construction investments on the site.

The Technique Service Machining is a department managing services for all the areas of Mahle Polska activities. It handles current and major machines renovations, modernisation and also building new. The Tool Shop manufactures new and regenerates old tools, accessories and sub-assemblies. The design department prepare designs of accessories, machine elements and complete machines as well. The measuring instrument service is an integral part of the department; it builds new and repairs the existing computer-based measuring instruments. The structure of the service includes a group of automation specialists responsible for the broad area covered under the term ‘automation,’ including software.

From Environmental Protection to IT – MAHLE has a number of exciting areas where you can contribute your know-how to the company’s success. For instance by continuing optimisation of our processes, selection of new markets, discovery of new products or implementation of new techniques and processes for us and our customers. Together with innovative ideas, creative employees and advanced solutions.

Tasks here are multidimensional. And so are opportunities. Therefore, we offer our employees true challenges in a broad range of fields, which will permit their continuous professional growth. And, of course, the freedom they need to develop their own ideas.

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