Internship – lets you gain job experience and thus increase your chances on the labor market.

If you are:

  • An unemployed under 25 or over 50
  • A long-term unemployed (which means you have been registered in the poviat labor office for a total period of over 12 months over the last 2 years, excluding the periods of internship and vocational courses for adults)
  • A person who has completed a social aid contract
  • A woman who did not go to work after giving birth
  • An unemployed without job qualifications, job experience or secondary education
  • A single mother or father raising at least one child under 18
  • A disabled unemployed person
  • An unemployed who did not go to work after serving a prison sentence
  • Or a person who is below 27 within the 12 months following the date specified in the diploma, certificate or another document confirming graduation from a higher education establishment

Take an internship at MAHLE Polska.

We offer internships in all fields of work.
The possibility of an internship depends on the financial resources of poviat labor offices.

Once information about recruitment appears on our website and/or the website of the poviat labor office in Krotoszyn, contact us.

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