MAHLE in Poland.

The plant is situated in southern Wielkopolska, about 108 km to the south of PoznaƄ and about 28 km to the west of Ostrów Wielkopolski. It became a part of the MAHLE group in 1999. This was the turning point for the factory’s development. A new piston mechanical processing plant was erected, production of new types of products for the automotive and shipbuilding industry, such as large valves and cylinder liners, was commenced. Construction of a new aluminium foundry in 2003 ended the process of creating a complex piston production area. At present, the product offer of MAHLE Poland includes pistons, cylinder liners, valves, valve guides, piston inserts and cylinder/piston sets.

Products manufactured by MAHLE Polska work in engines of millions of cars used on all continents. MAHLE Polska delivers products intended for first assembly and for the market of spare parts.

History MAHLE Poland.

See for yourself how our company has developed over the years.


Products MAHLE Poland.

Our products work in millions of cars all over the world.


MAHLE Aftermarket.

Business unit that is responsible for distribution of spare parts.


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