Working internationally – limitless challenges.

When we say "limitless," we don’t only mean the multifaceted freedom that we grant to our workers. Or the diverse challenges that make our broad product range possible. Or the individual responsibility that our executive culture demands and encourages. There are no limits to where you can go with MAHLE: due to our global presence.

People who work at MAHLE operate globally. This means that all employees should approach their work from a broad, multidiscipline perspective. We speak from experience. We produce our solutions not only at approximately 150 production plants across the globe, but at ten major research and development centres as well – in Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and India. Being on site everywhere enables us to give our customers around the world the best-possible support.

This means one thing for our MAHLE employees: dynamic interaction with our plants. Standardization of manufacturing processes all over the world. A guarantee that the highest quality standards are applied in each and every plant. And planning of various international projects, such as:

  • Establishing and expanding of new business units in several countries
  • Developing products in multicultural teams within the framework of international projects

Furthermore, as an international company, we emphasize the significance of foreign languages and we co-finance English, German, French, Russian and Spanish lessons.

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