Fields of Work – the Right Position for Everyone.

Are you interested in working in an international environment? Would you like to take on responsibility and turn your own ideas into reality? Are you searching for an opportunity to grow professionally on a higher level? From purchasing and production to finance and controlling – explore our multifaceted world of work for yourself.

An independent team consisting of managers, technicians, specialists and employees in the manufacturing process is working in the manufacturing plant in Dolný Kubín. This team participates in development, innovation and manufacturing areas of products which are components for the combustion engines and gearboxes, especially for the passenger cars, building machines and trucks.

The main products of the plant in Dolný Kubín are the thin-walled engine bearings, thrust bearings, flanged bearings and wrapped bushes on the basis of the bimetallic sliding materials. The bearings are manufactured on a high technical level and ensure the highest quality. These products are delivered to our customers worldwide.

The products are produced on special machines which are determined for manufacturing these specific goods and are operated by trained staff with a high level of professional, technical and manual skills. The manufacturing team members participate regularly in trainings to improve their professional, practical and technical knowledge necessary for their work in the manufacturing process. The employees achieving excellent working results have a chance for their further professional and career development in the framework of our team.

The employees of the finance and controlling department as part of MAHLE are equal partners who help managers make decisions. With know-how, an understanding of the technology and operating procedures.

Bookkeeping, preparation of budgets, financial plans, internal development concept of financial and tax policies, accounting, payroll and controlling statements , managing cash flow and payments, track the status of claims and solutions, preparing financial analysis, organizational performance assessment based on performance indicators, economic support to other departments and participation in their strategic plans for the economy are the main tasks of the financial and controlling department.

Potential roles in finance and controlling are almost limitless. Employees of the department who have demonstrated their skills, they can get a position in another country.

We want employees who are currently feeling the need for an understanding of numbers and relationships. We want people who are able to look beyond the horizon . We additionally require economic education, very good command of English; experience and knowledge of SAP R/3 is also welcome.

Purchasing ensures the procurement of all inevitable inputs for the operation of our company. We divide it to the external and internal purchase.

The internal purchase is in decisive extent created by the basic material which is specific only for manufacturing the sliding bearings and is produced by our sister companies.

The external purchase consists of purchasing the overhead material, services, machinery and equipment as well as all types of energy. The purchasing department ensures the process of selecting and development of the suppliers according to the MAHLE rules.

The department of logistics ensures the delivery of the input materials and services, the input inspection, import/export, long-term planning, care of the customer, warehousing, packaging management, invoicing, assessment of the suppliers and fulfilling the orders, customs procedures.

The care of the customer consists of the receipt and processing the customer order.

Warehousing is based on the most modern methods and procedures – the warehouse management.

All logistic processes are managed by the SAP MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning) system. In the framework of Europe and North America we collaborate with many significant global manufacturers of the car engines. The objective of all activities is to ensure the customer satisfaction and high process effectiveness.

From successful personnel selection and continuing training to employee loyalty and young-employee development – the skills of the human resources unit play a critical role in the reaching of our long-range company goals. After all, our employees are the guarantee of our success.

Human resource department deals with management of people within the organisation. There are a number of responsibilities that come with this title. First of all, the department is responsible for hiring members of staff; this will involve attracting employees, keeping them in their positions and ensuring that they perform to expectation. Besides, the Human Resource Department also clarifies and sets day to day goals for the organisation. It is responsible for organisation of people in the entire company and plans for future ventures and objectives involving people in the company.

Besides this, HR departmement is also responsible for organising incentives or compensation packages to motivate employees, for improving organisation culture, for training and interships.

From quality management and maintenance management to IT – MAHLE has a number of exciting areas where you can contribute your know-how to the company’s success. For instance withthe goal of continuing to optimize our processes, tap new markets, explore new products or introduce techniques and processes for us internally and for our customers. With innovative ideas,creative employees and sophisticated solutions.

The tasks here are multifaceted. The opportunities, too. In a reflection of this, we offer employees in the broadest array of areas, true challenges that will enable them to continuously grow as professionals. And, naturally, the freedom they need to develop their own ideas. Internationally, too.

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