What can you expect?

We have high expectations – but we offer even much more. Our benefits depend on your level of seniority and service, but we offer a lot. After all, we want to attract dedicated and talented individuals.

Your qualifications are our future. That is why we have developed a special employee-development program for you, including annual employee dialogs, appraisals of potential and qualification activities. Individually and systematically, these individual elements of the program support your career development.

  • Annual employee dialog: In the annual employee dialog, you will discuss your responsibilities, past teamwork and future changes with your supervisor. Your career development forms the heart of these discussions. You can also express your own ideas about your future career path. Together, we will then decide which development measures are best suited to helping you achieve your career goals.

  • Qualification activities: Whatever your role, we will ensure you get the right training and learning opportunities to succeed in your job and be part of a team. With topics ranging from safety at work to quality and soft skills, you can find several offerings that will contribute to your further professional and personal development.

  • Appraisal of potential: Our technical experts and managers come to a large extent from our own ranks. Why? Because they have the best qualifications as a result of their personal and professional development. We have confidence in our employees‘ potential. We have a chance to see what they can do in terms of accomplishments, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking each and every day. To identify your potential, we periodically appraise the potential. Technical specialist or future manager, we provide you with the ideal environment for your career path.

Health is important. And those who work a lot should take a good care of their health. We support you in your quest for overall well-being. We have regular occupational medical examination and health& safety education, excellent Sport club which offer many activities and health promotion program with special emphasis on ergonomic workstations and health related seminars and activities.

Other benefits vary from better than statutory holiday entitlement, additional pension support, suggestion and innovation award scheme to reward your best ideas, additional financial support in case of long-term sick leave or specific extraordinary events and much more.

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