MAHLE in Spain.

MAHLE Spain lies in the North East of the country, in Catalonia, about 50 km from Barcelona and Tarragona, to be exact in the town of Vilanova i la Geltrú.

This plant has become part of the MAHLE Group in 1983, the turning point for the development of this factory. In 1993, a physical separation between the ring and piston manufacturing operations took place, and some years later, in 2000, the actual centre of MAHLE Componentes de Motor España S.L. began its activities in a new production site located in the same township, its activities being the machining, surface treatment and marketing of rings for petrol and Diesel engines and of sealing rings for the automotive industry. In 2001 MAHLE S.A. begins its piston production for Diesel engines and in 2008 the first compact Diesel line is built.

At present, the product range of MAHLE Spain includes pistons and rings.

MAHLE Behr Spain, S.A. started belonging to MAHLE Group on October 1st 2013, within Thermal Management Business Unit. MAHLE Behr Spain, S.A. has been located in the industrial area of Montblanc city since 1974, about 36 km from Tarragona and 110 km from Barcelona. This plant is specialized in all processes of thermal exchanges of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration within the automotive sector. At present, the product range within our facilities are: air conditioning equipments, plastic parts injection, radiators, evaporators, condensers, intercoolers and heaters for all kind of vehicles. Our challenge is to serve our customer, by providing reliability, quality and commitment to keep a relationship of trust in day to day, based on the exchange of information.

Our culture follows the challenge of perfection, where "good enough" is not enough.

Becoming part of our team brings the satisfaction of belonging to a leading industrial company and implies a culture that expects personal and professional growth to be a standard.

Each business area is totally integrated in the organizational MAHLE network which cooperates all over Europe; in addition to the job opportunities that you might find in MAHLE Spain, you can apply for other job offers abroad, in manufacturing plants and offices that reach from the USA to China.

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