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Do you want to know what it is like to work at MAHLE? Do you want to read a firsthand account? This is where you can find out more about the different areas of work and about MAHLE as an employer. Right from your new colleagues. Juan F. Romo, Maintenance coordinator in Mahle S.A.

  • Juan F. Romo, Maintenance coordinator in Mahle S.A.

    Juan F. Romo, Maintenance coordinator in Mahle S.A.

    Currently, I belong to the Maintenance Area and my functions are, among others, to coordinate the staff to carry out an efficient corrective and preventive maintenance on the machines, with the objective of reducing undesired production down-times.

    A little bit of personal history: After finishing my vocational training in Mechanics at the Polytechnic School at Vilanova, I entered the professional MAHLE world in 1990 as an operator in a production line. While I was working I extended my studies to Technical-Mechanical Engineering at the same Polytechnic School at Vilanova. On finishing my studies, I was able to promote and get a job as technician in the Maintenance Department in 1997.

    Further on, in 2005, and with the introduction of the Lean Philosophy at MAHLE S.A. I entered the MPS department to help promote and apply the mentioned philosophy.

    In 2011, I returned to the Maintenance Department as coordinator of a team of 16 professionals (mechanics and electricians), reporting to the Production Director.

    As positive aspects I would highlight the additional quality of our products, a higher efficiency in the production processes of these products and our increasingly cohesive team work.

    I recommend you to come and visit us to know our beaches, our mild climate during the whole year, our gastronomy and the good harmony among the people of our region.

  • Carlos Jiménez, responsible for engineering in MAHLE Componentes del Motor

    Carlos Jiménez, responsible for engineering in MAHLE Componentes del Motor

    My name is Carlos Jiménez Bellón, and I have been working at MAHLE since 2002.

    During these 10 years, I have been working as a process engineer in the piston foundry, as person in charge of the preventive maintenance, and currently I’m working as a process engineer for rings.

    MAHLE has helped me to develop my professional career. My supervisors have trusted in me and have helped me to grow professionally in the automotive sector.

    If there is something that I have learnt at MAHLE, it is that team work leads you to good results, therefore during my daily work I always have this philosophy in mind.

  • Jordi Ayensa, production supervisor in MAHLE S.A.

    Jordi Ayensa, production supervisor in MAHLE S.A.

    Set-up operator and supervisor of the Diesel production lines at Mahle S.A. in Vilanova i la Geltrú , Barcelona (Spain).

    I began my career at MAHLE S.A. 13 years ago. Why MAHLE? Because it gave me the opportunity to work for a strong company with a reputation to take care of its employees. I began as an operator, continued afterwards as a set-up operator and am currently a set-up operator and supervisor, always working in a team with my comrades and supervisors and learning from all of them.

    MAHLE has given me the opportunity to know and get trained in new working methods, to develop my ideas and the ideas of my work team.

    The interesting thing about MAHLE is that, being a factory, the work is neither monotonous nor repetitive, as you have always to strive hard to try to improve the previous day, thus making every day a challenge.

  • Mónica Navarro, prevention technicien in MAHLE

    Mónica Navarro, prevention technicien in MAHLE

    I’m the Technician of the Pooled Prevention Service at Mahle, SA and Mahle Componentes de Motor España, SL., both located in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona).

    Although I’ve only begun at MAHLE S.A. a very short time ago, to be exact in February 2012, I had already been providing my services to the company before, since April 2002, as an external employee, through an External Prevention Service.

    I got interested in the MAHLE project when my current supervisor, the Human Resources Director, informed me about their intention to hire their own Prevention Technician for MAHLE. It was then that she suggested that I should become part of MAHLE.

    The truth is that it did not take me much time to take my decision, as after several years working for MAHLE as technical consultant I was delighted with the idea to be able to implement myself the risk prevention as part of the general management system of the company.

    Now, after six months, I can say that I was not wrong taking this decision. I’m easily getting used to the changes and have achieved a rapid integration with my comrades. Thanks to the support of my supervisor, who is highly aware of the issues security and health, I’m allowed full autonomy, being able to develop my own ideas, knowledge and experience, having a continuous training and, what is most important, being able to see how we are reaching step by step an improvement in the working, health and security conditions of the workers as well as a reduction of accidents.

    I could explain many more cases, new experiences, etc. to you. But the best thing would be that you experience it yourself if you have the opportunity to work in the team. I enjoy the work which I carry out every day.

  • Montse Lloveras, head of logistics in MAHLE S.A.

    Montse Lloveras, head of logistics in MAHLE S.A.

    I entered in MAHLE S.A. in 2006 to take up a position as “logistics dispatcher” in the Logistis area.

    Our company produces pistons for high-end cars.

    My responsibility was to ensure the deliveries and the service to the customers which I had been assigned and support my comrades with the other customers.

    As time went on, I got promoted and became teamleader in the logistics dispatching department. Since February 2012, I’m Logistisc Manager which comprises the production planning, the customer dispatching process, purchasing, warehouses, etc.

    I was lucky to have found a good working environment and be surrounded by good comrades. This makes work much more enjoyable.

    MAHLE S.A. lies in a beautiful town on the Mediterranean. This town (Vilanova i la Geltrú) has long beaches, beautiful streets to stroll in and very interesting and nice traditions.

  • Sandra Puig, responsible for laboratory in MAHLE S.A.

    Sandra Puig, responsible for laboratory in MAHLE S.A.

    Responsible for Environment and Laboratories Since April 2008

    My professional profile has been developing towards environmental management until when, in 2008, MAHLE gave me the opportunity to combine professionally my two academic basis: Chemistry and Environmental Studies. Currently, I coordinate the chemical and physical laboratories and am also in charge of the environmental management at MAHLE S.A.

    Working in such a consolidated multinational company, generating a high quality product, side by side with excellent professionals, is highly rewarding. I do not only learn something new every day, but also work in a serious and enjoyable working environment.

    I recommend everybody to participate in the experience, working at MAHLE is a good choice.

  • Iwona Garczynska, engineering technician in MAHLE S.A.

    Iwona Garczynska, engineering technician in MAHLE S.A.

    During the final year of the university I have started to think about the first step of my professional career.

    I wanted to develop my skills in a dynamic international manufacturing company, so I applied for an internship at MAHLE through the European placement programme “Leonardo da vinci”. During this time I was able to work on manufacturing processes and to compare the lean manufacturing theory with practice solutions.

    But I also got familiar with various areas of the company like logistics, maintenance, sales, controlling, store and their problems. That gave me an opportunity to become a Mahle employee and to improve the SAP data base, making it a common language for all the departments and useful for machine operators as well.

    What I like the most in Mahle is an open-minded thinking. New ideas are always welcome, the flat hierarchies offer space for self- development and you can always count on competent support for your projects. Our company culture is defined by diversity and respect. All in all, this professional and agreeable work-environment makes Mahle an ideal employer.

  • Jakub Stasiukiewicz, engineering technician in MAHLE S.A.

    Jakub Stasiukiewicz, engineering technician in MAHLE S.A.

    I started my adventure with MAHLE in january 2008 as Erasmus Programme apprentice. I remember my first day in the company struggling to understand some spanish or catalan words. I wasn’t even able to recognize the difference. I received a lot of support from all kind of employees what helped to adapt to new environment and learn the language.

    Professionally from that time I went through smooth transition into my current Process Quality Engineer position in the foundry. It was also interesting to see my co-workers evolving with me, firstly seeing me as a “trouble-maker” and with time as a “trouble-shooter”. During my stay at MAHLE I met a lot of interesting people, I grew professionally and personally, gained experience and I hope to maintain the same pace of development.

  • Berta Burgos. Process Optimization Department in MAHLE Behr Spain S.A.

    Berta Burgos. Process Optimization Department in MAHLE Behr Spain S.A.

    I started working in MAHLE in 2007 as a Process Engineer, having had only a couple of previous work experiences. When the knowledge one has acquired during the years of study is still fresh but when one is still not clear how you are going to apply this knowledge.

    Then I joined Process Optimization, one of the departments that make the daily “drudge” more entertaining and innovative.

    Since then (soon it will be 8 years) I have learnt something new every day, including those fraught with complications and problems. The working environment and the people around me have made it easy for me to come to work each day.

    Today I consider MAHLE to be a company in which I can still develop both personally and professionally and may that be so for a long time to come!

  • Cristina Barco, Process optimization department in MAHLE Behr Spain S.A.

    Cristina Barco, Process optimization department in MAHLE Behr Spain S.A.

    My name is Cristina Barco and I have been working here in MAHLE (and Frape Behr previously) since 1997.

    Having studied technical electronic engineering, I joined the company’s Maintenance Department where I was fortunate in being able to put my knowledge into practice programming and working on tasks of prevention, repair and improvement on the electrical/electronic components emerging from the assembly lines

    Later I entered the time-and-Motion Department, where my role was defining the assembly process and determining by workstations the cost of an assembly kit as defined times. Owing to organizational changes in the Barcelona plant, where previously all engineering was located, I moved to the department of Process Optimization. The beginning was tough requiring constant, intense training for which I am now grateful and happy with the results. As a process planner, I now participate in almost the entire process from the purchase of the product and its development to the setting up of mass production lines in the factory.

    I think that Mahle Behr (Montblanc) preserves those human values which in many other companies have unfortunately been lost and that this contributes to a really good working environment.

  • Inmaculada Hurtado, Quality Department in MAHLE Behr Spain, S.A.

    Inmaculada Hurtado, Quality Department in MAHLE Behr Spain, S.A.

    I started working in MAHLE Behr in May 2001. Since then I have worked in different areas, always within the field of Quality. In fact, I am currently in charge of the Quality System in our company.

    The automotive industry is leader in quality techniques and tooling. This, together with the fact of working in a large multinational company which is well established in the market, brings with it the benefits of a dynamic and continuous learning process.

    Moving in an international environment allows you to gain a broad vision of the market and technology and , on a more personal level, dealing with partners in other countries, you get to know other cultures not merely in a business context, thug offering you the opportunity of widening your personal point of view.

    Thus, there are quite a number of reasons for making working in MAHLE a recommendable prospect.

  • Javier de León, Director of Process Optimization in the Technical Direction of MAHLE Behr Spain SA

    Javier de León, Director of Process Optimization in the Technical Direction of MAHLE Behr Spain SA

    My name is Javier de León and I currently occupy the post of Technical Director in MAHLE Behr Spain. S.A. I joined the company (then Frape Behr) in 2001, fresh from my degree studies and without any professional experience, so everything I know has been learnt from my colleagues. Therefore it is now my turn to repay that commitment. Throghout these fourteen years I have held various positions within the engineering department in almost all sections of the factory.

    I have never given up training nor will I abandon it in the future as I consider it essential if we are to offer the best of ourselves and continue improving the criteria on which we base our decisions.

    This one important aspect of my management activity is the focus on the participation and training of personnel as it is my belief that this is the basis to ensure good results in the future.

  • Jordi Tombas, Material Supplier in MAHLE Behr.

    Jordi Tombas, Material Supplier in MAHLE Behr.

    I joined Mahle in July 2001 when the Montblanc-2 factory began operating. Initially I combined the tasks of Production Assistant and Purchaser. As the plant grew in production and resources, I became a full-time buyer. It was a great professional experience due to the controlling growth of production lines and the development of new projects in the early years.

    After 3 years the possibility of moving to the Logistics Department to work in the area of supplier and this continues to be my and this continues to be my job at the present time, It has in common with my previous work the contact with suppliers but with the added pressure of ensuring the availability of material and components in accordance with production needs.

    My work in supplies can be divided into two stages: until the middle of 2008 in was in Montblanc 2 and from then until the middle of 2008 in was in Montblanc 2 and from then until the present in Montblanc 1. The difference in production process which exists between the two plants has considerably enriched my professional experience.

    Among the aspects of my role which I value most are teamwork, autonomy and constant progress, together with the possibility of new friendship which a company of such magnitude can offer.

    Without doubt, being part of the company has afforded me great pleasure.

  • Montse Miret, Maintenance Department in MAHLE Behr

    Montse Miret, Maintenance Department in MAHLE Behr

    I started work in MAHLE in 1997 in Montblanc 1, joining the Production Department and I have now been making for some years in the area of Maintenance in which I perform administrative tasks.

    In MAHLE my education and training has continued: I have undergone such courses as information technology, SAP, languages… enabling me to carry out my daily work more efficiently.

    I have to combine my professional and family lives, as I am married and have daughter, but thanks to the system of flexitime which the company offers employees with children, I am able to enjoy both.

    Since I joined MAHLE as a production worker, I have grown personally and professionally thanks to the opportunities for training as well as my own efforts.

    Working in MAHLE, for me, is synonymous with improvement, effort and teamwork.

  • Rafael Rizos, Responsible production area radiators, intercoolers and Tubes MAHLE Behr Spain SA.

    Rafael Rizos, Responsible production area radiators, intercoolers and Tubes MAHLE Behr Spain SA.

    My career in MAHLE Behr began in 1996. I am from Montblanc and I remember as a child listening to the adults talking about this factory. After studying technical engineering several people recommended me to come here.

    This is not any company in the district… it is the company of the district!

    When there was still no program of occupational risks (PRL), and I was still a trainee, I was asked to make an initial assessment of the occupational hazards in the company. From there onwards, my career in the company grew parallel to the development of occupational risk prevention in Spain, until I finally assumed responsibility for the area of PRL.

    Later I had the opportunity of working in the production area, where I have continued growing both professionally and personally, first in Radiators, then also taking over the area of Pipes and finally adding to these responsibilities for Intercoolers. Despite now having a different range of responsibilities, I recall with special pride my time in the Department of Risk Prevention and Environment as involved beginning to build from scratch.

    MAHLE is a great school. We are faithful to our ideas, we build roads and we follow them. I feel proud and grateful to work in MAHLE, even more since I am from Montblanc where my roots lie.

  • Xavier Domingo, Department of Engineering at MAHLE Behr Spain SA

    Xavier Domingo, Department of Engineering at MAHLE Behr Spain SA

    My passion for the automotive sector has been a key factor in guiding my career in MAHLE Behr Spain S.A

    I started in 2010 in the logistics Department working in the supply of components to the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration production line.

    In 2012 the opportunity arose for a change in my career within the organization taking up a new post as a process engineer.

    At a present I work in the industrialization of intercoolers and radiators, improving production process, optimizing machines and tooling and automating production lines in the MAHLE Group.

    Learning the working methods and running of a multinational company that is a leader in its sector, acquiring knowledge in a multicultural environment and working in a great time with true professionals are some of the infinite opportunities afforded you by MAHLE.

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