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The plant in Garín is located in the partido (county) of Escobar, which is one of 135 partidos in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. It's on the edge of the northern zone of Greater Buenos Aires and is one of the places with greater population growth of the Buenos Aires conurbation.

The distribution chain has approximately 150 customer´s account, reaching an interesting coverage level across the country. In relation to portfolio, the following products are commercialized: engine components, filtration and engine peripherals, electronics and mechatronics components, thermal management components, and workshop and diagnostics equipmen

MAHLE Argentina S.A., Garin

MAHLE Argentina S.A.
Sales office
Ruta Panamericana Km 37,5Centro Industrial Garin Lote 9A (Calle Haendel y Cul de Sac)
1619 Garin
, Buenos Aires
+54 3327-414200
+54 3327-414217


Rafaela is the head of the Castellanos department and is the third most populated and important urban center of the Santa Fe province. It is known as "The Pearl of the West" due to the natural, cultural and architectural beauties that compose it. The estimated population of the city is 106,000 inhabitants. It is noted for its industrial metallurgical and dairy production.

The Rafaela Valve Plant produces a wide range of products, from applications for small engines such as motorcycles or recreational vehicles, to large bore engines. However, most of the production lines are specialized in heavy duty engine valves, which are trusted by the most important international truck manufacturers. This involves interesting challenges for Product and Process development, activities that despite their diversity are all performed in-house. Those who work with us have allowed the Rafaela plant to be recognized for the competitiveness and quality of its products.

MAHLE Argentina S.A., Rafaela

MAHLE Argentina S.A.
Bv. Santa Fe 2350
S2300KUX Rafaela
, Santa Fe
+54 3492-421821
+54 3492-428818