What positions are available at MAHLE?

MAHLE is not only a production company but also develops and tests products that later go into series production. We are a development partner for car manufacturers. Therefore we recruit people to work in production as well as technicians and engineers to develop, prototype, test and implement serial production.

Advanced production processes, extensive quality and logistics departments require a large group of specialists. Running such a large group as MAHLE also requires specialists in the areas of IT, finance and accounting.

If you are interested in the automotive industry, you have a good chance to find something for yourself.

Does professional experience is needed to work at MAHLE?

It depends on the position and area of specialty. We accept students and graduates without experience, and the main requirement is your knowledge and the ability to apply it in practice. We offer trainings locally and abroad that complement knowledge and provide practical skills.

Professional experience is required at senior positions.

Do I have a chance to work abroad?

Yes, quite big actually. Our clients are the largest car manufacturers with headquarters abroad, mainly in Germany. Working in engineering often involves direct cooperation with these manufacturers and is associated with frequent business trips or temporary stays abroad. You can also expect possibility of direct employment in one of the 170 MAHLE branches on 5 continents.

What remuneration I can expect

We provide attractive remuneration, adequate to your skills and job level.

Which foreign language is required?

We are an international company and we speak with clients and colleagues from other countries in English. We require good verbal and written English at most non-production positions.

German is particularly useful in positions related to cooperation with car manufacturers from Germany. Other foreign languages are used, for example, in shared service centers that provide support, IT or financial services to MAHLE branches around the world.

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