FAQs for Students, PerforM!

What is PerforM!?

PerforM! is the name of our talent relationship program that helps us stay in contact with talented students and support their professional development.

What can PerforM! offer me?

Select seminars, MAHLE events and preferred consideration for internships inside and outside Germany as well as final-thesis positions are all part of PerforM!.

How long does support from PerforM! last?

We will support you until you obtain your degree.

How can I receive support from PerforM!?

At the end of your commitment at MAHLE, an adviser from your functional area will recommend you for the PerforM! program. The requirements for acceptance are outstanding achievements during your internships or an outstanding final thesis written at MAHLE.

What type of opportunities will I have at MAHLE after PerforM!?

If you have shown us what you’re worth and we like what we see, we will offer you the opportunity to receive a full-time position after college.

FAQs for Students, Final Thesis

When should I apply if I want to write my final thesis at MAHLE?

deally, you should apply about three to four months before you would like to start. But we also post final-thesis position announcements on short notice. That’s why you should regularly visit our career Web site.

How long will I be employed at MAHLE to work on my final thesis?

A final thesis normally takes three to six months to complete. Generally, you should follow your university’s examination regulations and the individual requirements of the department for which you are writing your final thesis.

Will I be able to have flexible working hours while writing my final thesis?

In coordination with your adviser, your working hours can be flexible up to a certain degree. This way, you can also work on your thesis at home, in the library or at the university or meet with your professor.

Will I receive compensation while writing my final thesis at MAHLE?

Yes, you will receive €850 per month as a bachelor's degrees student and €900 as a master degrees student.

Can I write my final thesis at MAHLE?

Yes. We post possible topics as job vacancies.

FAQs for Students, Internship / Student Job

Who can apply for an internship at MAHLE?

College students have the opportunity to complete an internship before and while attending university.

How long does an internship last?

You can support us an intern for four to six months.

Does MAHLE offer paid internships?

Yes, interns receive monthly compensation of up to €1425.

How many hours a week will I work as an intern?

As an intern, your workweek is set at 35 hours under the collective bargaining agreement.

Do I receive vacation time during the internship?

Yes, you are generally entitled to vacation. The number of days to which you are entitled depends on the length of your internship.

When can I apply for an internship?

Ideally, you should apply for an internship six months or a semester before you would like to begin.

Can I obtain a student job at MAHLE?

Yes, MAHLE gives students the opportunity to gain work experience while studying.


If you need accommodation accessing the careers page or otherwise applying for a position, please email Talent.Acquisition@us.mahle.com or call 248.305.8200.

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