From a internship to your final thesis - we offer the perfect complement to your studies

Combine your studies with exciting insights into the working world of a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry. It doesn't matter if you are only just starting out at university, are in the middle of your course or are already on the home stretch - we will carry you further. Complete your internship with us, where demanding tasks will be allocated to you right from the start. Or would you like to write your final thesis with us? We can assign practice-relevant topics to you and then provide you with experienced support. If you would like to work as a student, we look forward to welcoming you as a member of our working student or summer job teams.

Mission Statement

We appreciate your initiative, your flexibility and your commitment. For that reason, it goes without saying that you will be part of our team right from the start; and that you will work independently and assume responsibility. But because we also know that you are still right at the start of your career path, we will provide you with comprehensive support.

We can offer you

  • attractive tasks
  • targeted training
  • clear guidance
  • relevant feedback
  • the MAHLE network
  • attractive pay
Pashalia Mandratzi, intern

“I wanted to join a relatively large group that offered prospects for my future after my internship. It was clear from the start that MAHLE was the right choice: from the super-quick, well-organized application phase through the warm welcome by the team to the close supervision during my internship. I have a lot of freedom in how I approach my tasks, I can contribute my own ideas, and I’m always taken seriously. The conditions are ideal for my professional and personal development.”

Pashalia Mandratzi, intern

Also of potential interest

Formula Student

MAHLE is one of the main sponsors of Formula Student and selected teams. As a future engineer, you too can have the opportunity to prove your creativity in terms of a successful combination of construction and racing performance, financial planning and sales proposals. If you and your team from your University or Technical College can manage to persuade us with a big idea and a plan, we will supply you with financial support, our products and, last but not least, our know-how. You will then be best equipped to compete against other teams from all over the world with a self-designed and built Formula racing car.

For more information about Formula Student sponsorship packages, please contact:

Daniel Campayo

Area of Responsibility: Formula Student Sponsoring