3 Locations in Czech Republic


MAHLE Behr Holýšov s.r.o. is a major supplier of thermostats for the automotive industry. In our factory, the products are not only assembled, but there are also produced individual components. Production is divided into two parts, injection molding and assembly. A significant part of our production is an exclusive project of aroma units produced for luxury cars Audi and BMW.

We are constantly aspiring to expand our team of experienced, flexible and engaging staff that is optimally used and stimulated to grow individually. The goal is to get reliable, motivated, independent and above all enthusiastic people with an interest in the events associated with loyalty to the company.

MAHLE Behr Holýšov s.r.o., Holýšov

MAHLE Behr Holýšov s.r.o.
Politických vězňů 676
34562 Holýšov
+420 377 013 552
+420 377 013 555

Mnichovo Hradiště

MAHLE Behr Mnichovo Hradiště plant is situated in Central Bohemian Region near conservation area. Mnichovo Hradiště is located about 70 km from the capital city of Prague and less than 40 km from a regional town of Liberec. Mnichovo Hradiště is connected by highway with both of the cities. The culture and sports enterteinment is quite limited.

The Mnichovo Hradiště plant was established in 1998 and became a part of the MAHLE Group in 2013. Since then, the company has been continuously growing and is still working on new projects. The plastic parts are produced in the plant for the production of evaporators, radiators and air conditioning. Our plant belongs to the biggest producers of evaporators in Europe. The plant in Mnichovo Hradiště has approximately 1324 employees, at this moment.

MAHLE Behr Mnichovo Hradiště s.r.o., Mnichovo Hradiště

MAHLE Behr Mnichovo Hradiště s.r.o.
Víta Nejedlého 1471
29501 Mnichovo Hradiště
+420 326 770-811
+420 326 770-515


MAHLE in Mošnov, Ostrava agglomeration

MAHLE in Mošnov is the company founded in 2006 as Behr Ostrava. It became a part of MAHLE group in 2013. The plant is oriented on production of condensers, radiators, charge air coolers, indirect charge air coolers, heater cores, cooling modules and plastic components such as shrouds, frames and fan blades, air intake manifolds, tanks and brackets. There are also workplace where tolded tubes or paintfluxing are make. Our 1500 employees can daily use corporate canteen and free parking. Employees also appreciate the well-established benefits system.

Good infrastructure

MAHLE in Mošnov is situated in north-east part of Czech Republic, in Moravian-Silesian Region, about 20 km to Ostrava (the third largest city in the Czech Republic) and about 40 km to the east of Polish state border. The whole Ostrava agglomeration is already home to almost 1 million inhabitants, which is the second largest conurbation in the Czech Republic. Ostrava is a transport and logistic hub in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic. Next to the plant is Leoš Janáček Ostrava International Airport, which connects Ostrava with a number of European metropolises. The backbone of the road infrastructure is the D1 motorway, Ostrava is also an important railway hub, and of course there is also a dense network of public transport with trams, trolleybuses and buses. Although Ostrava has an industrial character appreciated especially by tourists, this region offers plenty of sports, social and culture events, four-day „Colours of Ostrava“ festival is popular throughout the country. This region is a very pleasant place to live with a lot of activities near Beskydy Mountains where you can find peace and beautiful nature.

MAHLE Behr Ostrava s.r.o., Mošnov

MAHLE Behr Ostrava s.r.o.
Průmyslová ul. 368
742 51 Mošnov
+420 556 312-711