Which area of expertise at MAHLE is the right one for you?

As an international company, we shape the mobility of tomorrow with our products and services. None of this would be possible without our current and future specialists, who work in the most diverse fields. Their enthusiasm, their ideas and their skills are what makes MAHLE the leading development partner and supplier to the automotive industry in the world today.

To help you decide how you would like to contribute your skills to us, we would like to give you a brief introduction to our specialist departments.

Research & Development

In 16 research and development centres around the world, we set technical standards with future-orientated solutions that delight our customers.

Our main focus areas:

  • Research and Advance Development

Our creative think tank monitors future developments for the entire MAHLE Group. We examine the technical feasibility of new technologies, products and processes. These include strategic development projects. To help with this challenge, we are looking for creative, future-orientated and flexible employees with broad knowledge and a very good grasp of physics.

  • Product / Process Pre-Development and Product Development - our core businesses

In Product / Process Development, we plan and develop innovative prototypes for the next generation of products, as well as product and process concepts for production-ready components and components that will determine our future success in the market. Here, too, we would like to meet experts in the engineering profession who would like to move innovation forward using creativity and skill.

Our Product Development department needs pragmatic people - experts - who can come up with customer solutions in series production. It is in this department that we develop and perfect, prior to series production, products and processes that can be placed into service directly. We rely on engineers with impressive specialist knowledge, customer orientation and assertiveness.

Technical Sales

From the germ of an idea to series production-readiness and beyond - our Technical Sales department supports the entire development process, as well as the life cycle of our products, both in-house and externally. It functions as the interface between individual business units, factories and regions; and also serves as a local point of contact for our customers.

We service our major customers individually with global key account managers and regional competence teams on site. The wide range of functions here requires a high level of technical understanding and the ability to explain complex issues.

For Technical Sales, we are on the lookout for engineers, industrial engineers and business people who can approach people openly; who bring with them the requisite specialist knowledge and who can achieve our financial targets in a goal-orientated way. At the same time, they should drive processes forward and ensure that goals are achieved for our customers.


160 Production Sites, Five Continents, One Standard our modern, efficient production processes around the world enable ergonomic series production at the highest level. We manufacture innovative products for our business departments, as well as for various profit centres, such as Engineering Services, Motorsports, and Special Applications.

Each production unit comprises an independent team. This consists of workers, skilled workers and specialists as well as supporters, who are drawn, for example from Work Preparation, Quality Assurance Prototype Construction and Logistics departments. Our products are manufactured in modern manufacturing facilities, configured precisely for Production. The highest quality standards are, of course, observed.

For Production, we are looking for motivated, technically interested employees who value working on varied tasks.


Our employees in Controlling support the decision-making of everyone entrusted with operational responsibility, as an equal partner. Starting with the factory controller, through state and regional controllers, every company and every business department has its own controller. With know-how and an understanding of technology and operational processes, they have skills at every level.

We are looking for employees who have a grasp of numbers and an understanding of business relationships. In addition, they should be interested in our technology. That is the only way they would be able to understand our work as a company and become true partners for our management echelon.


As global market leaders, our buyers develop, coordinate and implement the best global merchandise group strategies. Procurement market, price and value analyses, national and international negotiations are carried out and development projects supported with great accuracy, all of which is done, of course, in close collaboration with other departments, such as Development and Production.

In Europe, our production materials buyers operate in many different merchandise groups. With the support of supplier management, they ensure the optimal selection of suppliers and develop these relationships further. In this way, they ensure smooth supplies to our production plants. In addition, by means of forward sourcing activities implemented in close coordination with the development departments, Purchasing is responsible for ensuring that competent suppliers are always available for any new or upgraded products.

Non-Production Purchasing ensures that the right contractual conditions are in place and that service delivery is of the right quality - from services to office equipment to the production plant. In some cases, contracts and negotiations can be concluded globally, regionally or at national level.

In the Purchasing department, new employees can expect to be given exciting tasks in an international environment. Our work is project- and team-orientated; and of course, we use state-of-the-art procurement tools, such as SAP, e-catalogue management and online auctions.


In logistics, we design the entire value chain: from the customer to the supplier, from the enquiry to the quote. We create individual logistics concepts and accompany the projects, from selection of the production site through to the start of series production. And we do this at every site around the world.

We assist major large logistics projects at our factories when it comes to factory and layout planning, materials flow and storage planning and supply and disposal systems. We support the corresponding implementation processes with efficient project management and controlling. Especially in areas involving special expertise, such as strategic planning, supply chain management and production logistics and warehouse logistics, these challenges offer a large dose of autonomy, as well as considerable responsibility, to the individual worker.

We offer new colleagues (m/w/d) a logistics network that can call on massive know-how and very many years of experience. Our employees take on responsibility for important projects in the widest variety of global locations.

Human Resources

From the successful selection of personnel through continuous learning to employee retention and promotion of talent - the competence of the HR department is crucial to achieving our long-term corporate goals. After all, our employees are the guarantors of our success.

In the Human Resources department, we offer interesting entry opportunities in operational staff, personnel development, payroll accounting, recruiting and personnel marketing, international assignments, training and other areas. A high level of professional and interpersonal skill is the basic requirement that you should bring with you. After all, varied tasks and a lot of responsibility await you, as well as a variety of career opportunities, including across national borders.

The deciding factor is your commitment in, for example, project collaboration and exchanging experiences with domestic and foreign colleagues. Our global standards and procedures ensure uniform processes.

Other Areas

At MAHLE, there are a multitude of other exciting areas in which you can use your know-how to contribute to the success of the company. For example, in order to optimize our processes, open up new markets or introduce new products and techniques, both in-house and for our customers. With innovative ideas, creative employees and sophisticated solutions.

The tasks here are diverse, as are the perspectives. In this way, we offer employees genuine challenges in the most varied areas, challenges that they can continuously grow with. And, of course, you will be given enough autonomy to put your own ideas into practice, including internationally.