MAHLE Behr Námestovo s.r.o., Námestovo

MAHLE Behr in Námestovo is situated in northern Slovakia. The town district is located at the shores of the Orava reservoir, not far from the Polish border. Námestovo offers beautiful nature around and rich sports, relaxing and cultural activities. There is a very good infrastructure and the public amenities in the district.

The main activity of the plant in Námestovo is production of Exhaust Gas Recilculation and OIL Coolers. Battery cooling in electric and hybrid cars is being developed in the plant. Production is focused on welding, soldering and assembly of coolers. The production is equipped with new technologies, lasers and robots. Currently, 349 employees works in the plant.

MAHLE Behr Námestovo s.r.o.
Namestovo 1215
029 01 Námestovo
+421 906 066-300
+421 906 066-398