School leavers at MAHLE – a fast start.

Green light for your future: Use your high-school diploma and really put the pedal to the metal at MAHLE! At our company, you will have the opportunity to really crank up the rapms in many areas. It will be up to you to select the pole position from which you want to get started: Would you like to have a look around MAHLE? Then, an internship for secondary-school students is the way to go. Keep your goal in your sights and secure your own leading position in the race for these highly sought-after apprenticeships at one of the world´s leading manufacturers of air and liquid management systems.

Climb in, buckle up and take off. Win the race for a coveted apprenticeship position at one of the world’s leading producers of components for internal combustion engines and their peripherals!

MAHLE is an international company, that's why I see my future here and my chance of success.

Hamidullah AKBARI, Apprentice Electrical Engineering & Process Control


Perfectly attuned for top performance.

School was like a drive through at a racetrack’s pits for you. Now, the course is free, and you have all options ahead of you. To ensure that your future accelerates, the apprenticeship programs offered by MAHLE are perfectly designed for you. That’s right, personally for you! Realizing just how individual our talented young people are, we take a personal approach to honing their very own skills. An investment that is very important to us. After all, the chances of getting a full-time position following the program are good.

For doers: Entry-level employees who enjoy technology and working with their hands can apply their skills as mechatronic technicians, electronic technicians or in one of other commercial-technical occupations. Logical thinking, some manual skills and interest in technology are the stuff of success at one of the leading companies in this area.

You always like to keep an eye on the big picture? With the apprenticeship as company logistician, we offer an interesting apprenticeship for those who are interested in business, in which you are responsible for the entire flow of goods.

Regardless of the occupation you choose, MAHLE is interested in dedicated, team-playing people who enjoy learning new things. Are you such a person?

Then get off to a racing start with an apprenticeship at MAHLE!

Training concept

Our training concept– the secure way to the goal.

Pick up the mail, make the coffee, wash the boss’ car – some companies offer apprenticeships that are nothing but a dead end. At MAHLE, the road toward a gleaming future is clear. Motivated trainers, a state-of-the-art work environment and, above all, the right concept will help you get off to a fast start.

FREEDOM: At MAHLE, you’re in the driving seat during your apprenticeship. The apprenticeship passport, which follows your entire apprenticeship, lets you always see how far you have already progressed on your journey. Frequently, the project-oriented apprenticeship only defines the goal – leaving you to decide which route to take. Freedom of choice, teamwork, responsibility, learning from mistakes and pleasure in joint achievements!

HUMAN TOUCH: The employees at our company regard themselves as part of the MAHLE family. Even as an apprentice, you will soon be regarded as a colleague and as one of the family. That is why you will also find that all doors are open to you from your first day forward. We appreciate all suggestions that help us make apprenticeships at MAHLE even better.

RELIABILITY: We rely on each other. You can rely on enjoying a professional and personal apprenticeship of the highest possible standard. We rely on you to apply yourself whole-heartedly to your apprenticeship.


Our apprenticeship opportunities – the right model for each person.

When you buy a car, you have to make a tricky decision that you will have to live with for several years: a sedan, station wagon or convertible? – At the moment, you are preparing to make a decision about the right occupation that you may do for the rest of your life. And this decision is somewhat more difficult to make. The range of possibilities is also broad and multifaceted. But just like buying a car, you can be certain of one thing: the right one for you is definitely there.

Have a look at your desired job posting to see if the application period has started.

Find the right model for your future. Take the first step - with us.


  • Lehre Werkzeugbautechniker und Kunststoffformgeber (m/w/d)
  • Lehre Maschinenbautechniker und Technischer Zeichner (m/w/d)
  • Lehre Mechatroniker mit Elektrobetriebstechnik (m/w/d)
  • Lehre Elektrobetriebstechniker mit Prozessleittechnik (m/w/d)
  • Lehre Prozesstechniker (m/w/d)
  • Lehre Betriebslogistiker (m/w/d)
  • Lehre Maschinenbautechniker (m/w/d) - Standort Vöcklabruck

Go to our professional training

Part of the vocational training

In addition: You can also see what else to look forward to at MAHLE:

  • A variety of benefits
  • Training compensation using the current tariff agreement
  • Best opportunities to be employed full-time after completing training
  • Introductory day
  • Information events for candidates and their parents
  • Training and qualification activities

Here are the other benefits

Learning & Development

Professional development at MAHLE – tune up your career.

Sometimes all you need is a slight change of direction to get closer to your destination. That’s why we at MAHLE like to reorient ourselves on a regular basis: During and after your apprenticeship at MAHLE, you will receive individual support tailored to your skills. We stand at your side later if your career as an expert in your field starts to take off or if you decide to continue your education at a university. At each location and for each career opportunity at MAHLE, we offer individualized training programs.

  • Training measures alongside vocational education
  • Specialist seminars (forklift, crane, English, etc.), IT-qualifications, learning techniques, communication
  • Feedback and development interviews
  • Social commitment, social competence
  • Other training measures: engine training course, Jugendschutzgesetz (Law for the Protection of Children and Youth), drug-, debt- and violence prevention course, ergonomics in the workplace, environmental protection and work safety seminar, first aid

Apprenticeship with A-level

Apprenticeship or A-level certificate?

At MAHLE, you have both options. Make with MAHLE the vocational diploma in the four sections: German, mathematics, foreign language and the respective special field. For you as well as for us as a company, the graduation education has a great benefit. Start the apprenticeship with graduation at MAHLE and use the following advantages:

  • Very good general education and practical vocational training
  • Interesting and challenging work right after the training
  • Very good opportunities for advancement within the company
  • Access to colleges or universities
  • Own income during the entire training period

Women in engineering

For more women in technology - that's what MAHLE stands for. For this reason, we are involved in the project Mädchen-Lee(h)re-Technik in cooperation with the Girls Center Klagenfurt. The goal is to give the girls an insight into technical careers and to show which career opportunities this training provides.

After completing my school leaving exam in 2009, I started a dual apprenticeship - mechanical engineering and technical draftsman - at MAHLE and was thus able to get to know the way how the company and the environment in the apprentice academy works. In 2013, I successfully completed the apprenticeship and in 2018 I applied internally as an apprentice trainer. Now I train the apprentices of the mechanical engineering division.

Nicole Koroschetz, Apprentice Trainer

Your Application

What qualifies you

You have already team spirit, commitment and enjoyment of working with new things. If you also have a positive diploma from the ninth year, you've already mastered the first step to applying.

To apply, you will need the following documents

  • A cover letter in which you tell us something about yourself and explain why you would like to begin an apprenticeship
  • A CV in a table format in which you can also tell us what interests you have outside of school
  • A copy of the last two report cards. If you don’t yet have your final certificate, you can send this in later
  • Any proof of internships and further trainings (such as language or computer courses)

Please submit your application online via the MAHLE recruiting portal, eMploy.

You can find further helpful tips Here

Our selection process

As soon as we have received your application, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt. If we like your application, we will invite you to a selection event. As a rule, there will be a theoretical an practical employment test as well as a personal interview with us. If both were positive for both you and us, you’ll soon be signing your contract.

Summer internship

You have decided to gain insights into the working world at MAHLE. Good choice. Now it’s time to start your summer internship. We offer summer internships from July to August. When you apply, please let us know the time period you would like to work for us.

What qualifies you:

  • You are at least 16 years old.
  • You have good German language skills.
  • You have a high level of quality awareness.
  • You are reliable and resilient.