Your work experience and our opportunities - together a dynamic partnership for the future.

Do you have a pioneering spirit? Are you full of energy and fascinated by the possibilities that technology has to offer? As a professional and as a executive, are you looking for significant responsibilities that still give you room for action? If you are, then we need to talk. We value high achievers who are looking to drive future mobility forward.

A variety of opportunities in an international setting

As a pioneer and as a driver of technology for the mobility of tomorrow, we can offer you challenging positions where you contribute your true potential and constantly develop at a high level. You will work on international projects and will be in close contact with project teams at our international companies. Whether you are strengthening our existing business fields by participating in multi-cultural teams or whether you are driving forward solutions for the mobility scenarios of tomorrow, our leadership culture demands and promotes self-reliance.

Research and development, engineering, supply chain management, quality management, production, purchasing or controlling - a host of opportunities await, so why not join us and start your onward journey?

You fit in here!

If you love variety, seek creative solutions and are an international team player, then start your individual career pathway with us. We are looking for versatile, innovative people who think inter-culturally and work reliably.

Dr. Christian Maisch, Head of Systems Development

"The combustion engine of tomorrow in a world full of electrified drives? My career path at MAHLE remains exciting! Team spirit, dedication and motivation mean that there are no limits to any career here. Of course, that is also what motivates my employees - I support them in achieving their professional and personal goals at MAHLE!"

Dr. Christian Maisch, Head of Systems Development

For your professional development

Annual Employee Dialog

At your Annual Career Dialog, you will meet with your line manager to discuss your role, the collaboration to date and any future changes. At the same time, your professional development will be in focus. You will contribute your own ideas and, together, we will discuss objectives.

Ongoing Training

You will have the opportunity to choose from numerous professional development measures that would benefit both your career and you personally. In this context, we use a lot of different methods. In addition to face-to-face training with experienced trainers, we also offer you innovative forms of learning such as e-learning or blended learning - a mix of face-to-face events, e-learning and tutoring.

Appraisal of Potential

Are you looking for a management career? If you are, then we can offer you the ideal environment. We will conduct regular potential assessments to look at your performance, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. After that, we will prepare you for your new management position using our special development programs. Individually and purposefully.

Tips for the Assessment Centre

  • Be well prepared.
  • Show interest and ask questions. We will be happy to answer them.
  • Listen carefully and respond to what has been said.
  • Work on the exercises analytically and in a structured way.
  • Show the real you.
  • Share your thoughts with us
  • Present yourself actively, so that we can get to know you better.
  • Stay calm. If you are unsuccessful in a particular task, that doesn't mean you have failed altogether.

Our Selection Process

Once your application has been received by us, you will automatically receive an acknowledgement of receipt. We will check your documents and then arrange a time for a personal interview if you've caught our attention. If the phone conversation proves positive for both of us, face-to-face interview(s) will then ensue. And after that? Ideally, you will receive a job offer and then sign a contract.

Your Application

Apply easily online via the MAHLE Recruiting-Portal. Just click on the "Apply" button, which you can find in every job advertisement.

The most important documents for your application, for us would be a resume from you and your cover letter. Additional documents, such as cover letter or certificates, can be added or submitted later, if required.

Feel free to ask questions at any time - by phone, e-mail or face-to-face. We would like to give you a complete picture of us as a company and of our job opportunities.

More information about your application.

Interested? Then call us right now!

Have you found any job opportunities of interest? We will be happy to discuss any relevant questions about your application in person. All the contact details of the person you need to speak to can be found on the job advertisement itself.

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