Diverse people are working at MAHLE. Let's have an insight into their individual career paths.

What made you decide to join MAHLE?

I wanted to work in a global company

I was looking for a position in a global company where I can apply my language skills both English and Japanese. Besides I wanted to work in the automotive industry because I love cars. Currently I am working in Controlling. I do analysis and prepare materials for regular monthly reports to the headquarters in Germany. As we are collaborating closely with the headquarters and other departments, I enjoy the communication with lots of diverse people.

S. SHEKHAR / joined 2018 / MAHLE Electric Drives Japan Corp. / Controlling
J. CHUNG / joined 2016 / MAHLE Trading Japan Co., Ltd. / Customer Service

Flexible work environment and open atmosphere

My initial role/responsibility in Customer Service includes daily follow-up with customers' order inquiries, shipment related matters, requests and pending issues. The reason why I joined this company is that I can work flexibly and the atmosphere at workplace is just great. Once in a month we have our regular "all hands on deck" breakfast. On a daily basis I work with international customers and colleagues using my language skills in English, Chinese and Japanese, so I also enjoy the diversity here at MAHLE.

What do you find exciting about your current job?

Getting to know people inspires and motivates me

It hasn’t been long since I joined MAHLE yet but I already had some valuable experiences. Right after I joined the company, I went to Slovenia as a trainee, and I also visited China to support our supplier there. I enjoyed the conversations with different people. They open up my mind with new ideas and perspectives. Of course, there were hard times I had to go through, but when I visited China and the local supplier thanked me for the support, I was really happy because I felt my efforts have paid off in the end.

I made uncountable acquaintances, and I value them a lot because they inspire me and motivate me.

C. ANDO / joined 2018 / MAHLE Electric Drives Japan Corp. / Production Engineering
S. AKITA / joined 2012 / MAHLE Behr Japan K.K. / Powertrain Cooling Gr.

I get involved in the development of major OEMs

My current customers are Nissan and Mitsubishi but so far, since I entered the company I have had business with Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mazda and commercial vehicle manufacturers as a technical engineer. What I find exciting about my job is that I can be a part of the development of the major Japanese OEMs. Moreover, when we are working on a completely new product, other than coordinating with customers, but as a development leader I also get involved in Production, Quality Control and Purchasing in plants overseas. It's quite a responsibility but is rewarding at the same time.

What global experience have you had so far at MAHLE?

Don't stand back, be a part of it

The global meetings we have at MAHLE always give me inspiration. Even if we don’t know each other personally, everyone is actively participating in the discussion and contributes to finding good ideas. There are conflicts sometimes but we know to respect each other’s viewpoint, so in the end we find the best solution. I too try to be active in such discussions. The more we share our opinions, the more constructive the discussion will be.

N. TSUCHIDA / joined 2015 / MAHLE Japan Ltd. / Human Resources

What is your most memorable challenge or success experienced at MAHLE?

Leading a project to success, I realized the joy in work

Right in my first year, I had the opportunity to be involved in a big project. Generally I am eager for new challenges and I also like to communicate with diverse people, so I was quite excited about my new role, but at the same time I felt a little anxious because I was unsure if I could really assume the responsibility. But in the end, with the warm support from my colleagues, the project ended in success, and it was such a great feeling to have accomplished it. This was the moment when I felt working can be so much fun. Now the project has become a global project and I am working together with international members.

S. KAWAHITO / joined 2014 / MAHLE Japan Ltd. / Finance & Accounting Asia
T. WATANABE / joined 2007 / MAHLE Filter Systems Japan Corp. / R&D Head Cover System Design Group

You get back more than you invest

Usually a project requires many processes to be able to shift to mass production, and until we have something that we can call a “mass product” we spend almost 3 years. In such a long time span various issues can come up and if there is one, we try to solve it involving all parties, i.e. my own department, other departments and customers. So there is quite a lot of effort to put in. But the sense of accomplishment when the project is completed is just irreplaceable. After all, you get back more than you have invested.

When I go to the car dealer, open up the bonnet of a car and see the products I designed are installed, it is like watching my children have grown up.