Excellent opportunities for direct entrants and international trainees

Are you ready to start your career now? With us you can get your career going and plan for the long-term. Whether you are an international trainee or a direct entrant in a special field - you get to decide how you want to start your career with us.

Direct Entry Take responsibility directly "on the job"

Your degree certificate is in your pocket, so now you want to put your skills into practice. With us, you will find many ways to advance and develop both professionally and personally - throughout Germany and also around the world.

Do you have a clear idea of the area you would like to work in? Research & Development, Technical Sales, Controlling, Purchasing, Production or any other ones? Then just start in one of those directly.

What qualifies you

Depending on the position and the tasks focus, we are looking for graduates in different disciplines. Engineers, computer scientists, sales personnel and experts in other disciplines will all find interesting jobs here. Are you enthusiastic about your area of expertise, are you curious and do you want to take responsibility? Apply now.

The kinds of profiles we are currently looking for can be found in our current job advertisements for graduates

Our Selection Process

Once your application has been received by us, you will automatically receive an acknowledgement of receipt. We will check your documents and then arrange a time for a telephone interview if we are interested in you. If the phone conversation proves positive for both of us, face-to-face interview(s) will then ensue. And after that? Ideally, you will receive a job offer as soon as possible and then sign a contract.

Jernej Škvarč, product development engineer

“I joined the company immediately after graduation. In the beginning, I helped various colleagues implement simple tasks, thus gaining experience and learning about different technologies and products. Later, the scope of my work became focused on the development and design of software for the drive controller, especially at the level of application architecture and regulation of asynchronous motors. It means a lot to me that I can work on modern software development technologies and methodologies, which poses a welcome challenge. It also helps that I work in a pleasant group in which we all get along very well. At work I can be creative and I do what I know I do well, namely writing software that is as effective as possible, and above all, reliable. The work is extremely varied, combining the fields of electronics, system theories, controls and modern programming methods. The development of reliable software requires planning and automated tests and software, which in turn, requires knowledge of various programming languages. During product development, communication and cooperation with the client is also important, which provide independent opinions helpful for further work. Conquering the standards of software development required in the automotive industry allows me to progress both in terms of writing higher quality and more reliable software codes, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of systems. As a development engineer I need to be able to seek the information required for my work and to always keep in step with advancements in the profession. Training is available for specific skills that are difficult to obtain from the general literature.”

Jernej Škvarč, product development engineer

International Graduate Program

Do you want to get ahead professionally? As an international graduate, you will get the right training from us. Regardless of whether your vocation is technical or commercial, exciting roles, variety and international exchanges are all part of the program – naturally. On a broad basis and looking over the horizon, we will prepare you for the future, demanding roles that you will take on. Once you successfully complete the program, nothing will stand in your way of a career at MAHLE.

The Program – a Quick Look

  • You are permanently assigned to a focus area
  • You work in various projects in different fields.
  • You work on at least one foreign project (stay abroad of three to six months).
  • Together with other graduates, you attend training courses on different topics, such as presentation, collaboration, self-management.
  • Mentors from different departments and personnel development support you.
  • You create your own group-wide network.

  • Start date:several start dates throughout the year
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Above-average pay
  • A permanent employment contract right from the start

This qualifies you

As a graduate you can start at MAHLE at a high level. And you will have the best prerequisites for doing this:

  • study (university, technical college) in a desired discipline with an above-average degree
  • relevant internships - ideally, in the automotive sector
  • international experience in the form of semesters abroad or professional activities (e.g. internships)
  • ideally, additional qualifications, such as vocational training or an MBA
  • comprehensive know-how in your respective field - including appropriate specific knowledge and qualifications, e.g. special software skills
  • a very good knowledge of English
  • a willingness to work around the world
  • strong communication skills and team spirit
  • a fascination for technology
  • a high level of flexibility and strong goal orientation

Your Application

So, the international graduate program is exactly the right starting point for your career and you have found a graduate position you like in one of the job advertisements? Then apply directly via the MAHLE recruiting portal, eMploy. That way we will be able to obtain a first impression of you quickly and easily. Access to the portal is available in every job advertisement - just click on the "Apply" button.

If you haven't found a suitable job at the moment, you should subscribe to our Job Agent. This will let you know about any new positions immediately.

Our Selection Process

Your application has sparked our interest. Now you can convince us personally. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to get to know us better.

We have a three-step approach to this: To start off, there will be a video interview with your contact in the Human Resources department. After that, you will receive an invitation to our Assessment Centre. different exercises and tests will be conducted there and will enable you to prove your talent. Finally, there will be an interview in the department with your future line manager. And if you like us as much as we like you, you'll soon be holding a contract in your hands.

Tips for the Assessment Centre

  • Be well prepared.
  • Show interest and ask questions. We will be happy to answer them.
  • Listen carefully and respond to what has been said.
  • Work on the exercises analytically and in a structured way.
  • Show the real you.
  • Share your thoughts with us
  • Present yourself actively, so that we can get to know you better.
  • Stay calm. If you are unsuccessful in a particular task, that doesn't mean you have failed altogether.