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MAHLE Electric Drives Bovec d.o.o. is a company with long-standing tradition in production of ignition coils and spraying of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics mainly for the automotive industry. In spraying of plastic products we use the tools made mostly in our modernly equipped tools shop. In the last years, we started to introduce many new products like rotors, revolution sensors, resolvers and high-voltage switches to our range of products.

Workforce: ca. 280 employees

MAHLE Electric Drives Bovec d.o.o., Bovec

MAHLE Electric Drives Bovec d.o.o.
Industrijska cona 3
5230 Bovec
+386 5 38 79 001
+386 5 38 86 225


MAHLE Electric Drives Komen d.o.o. is aluminium die casting foundry, which has been upgraded by mechanical treatment and related assemblies. In-house available technologies are: melting, aluminium die casting, trimming, sandblasting, mechanical treatment, bracket assemblies (bearings, screws, rubber parts, bushings). The major part of production is assigned to meeting the needs of the automotive industry and other manufacturers of vehicles, especially in the field of aluminium parts for the automotive components. Die casting is focused on aluminium parts, which are part of alternators, starter motors, electric drive systems and mechatronics parts.MAHLE Electric Drives Komen d.o.o. specializes in low/niche volume, assuring flexibility by managing more than 200 different die casting tools with more than 500 different die casting parts.

MAHLE Electric Drives Komen d.o.o., Komen

MAHLE Electric Drives Komen d.o.o.
Komen 139
6223 Komen
+386 5 73 95 700
+386 5 76 68 383

Šempeter pri Gorici

MAHLE Electric Drives Slovenija d.o.o. has its headquarters in Šempeter pri Gorici, and business premises intended mostly for R&D activities in Ljubljana and Maribor. The company was established in 1960 and is with almost 2000 employees ranked among the biggest Slovenian exporters and employers in the region. It joined MAHLE Group after the takeover in 2014 and later became part of the Mechatronics Division.

In Šempeter pri Gorici there is one of the 16 most important R&D centres of the MAHLE Group. Besides, Šempeter production capacities are large including the most advanced technologies. In cooperation with the world-renowned industrial producers, the company develops and manufactures mechatronic products. In the field of electric drive and mechatronic systems we offer a broad range of solutions for industrial vehicles, e-mobility, and also automotive industry. We are a developmental supplier to world leading manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery, and manufacturers of commercial vehicles that we supply with starters and alternators.

The biggest company in the region

Šempeter pri Gorici is a small town in western Slovenia lying on the border with Italy. It is just a few kilometres away from Nova Gorica - the administration, economic and cultural centre of the North-Coastal Region. MAHLE Electric Drives Slovenija is the biggest company in the municipality and also broader in the North Coastal Region. For it position by the highway, Šempeter's transport connections are very good.

MAHLE Electric Drives Slovenija d.o.o., Šempeter pri Gorici

MAHLE Electric Drives Slovenija d.o.o.
5290 Šempeter pri Gorici
+386 5 33 93 000
+386 5 33 93 801