We have an answer to the question of what will power the vehicle of tomorrow: Your skills. As a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry, we embrace the challenge of developing the next generation of mobility every day. To do this, we are looking for visionary thinkers and creators who want to shape the mobility of tomorrow as a part of our team. We are #StrongerTogether!

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#CHALLENGE: Shape the next generation of mobility with us

Learn more about MAHLE's Pioniergeist and how it guides us in developing groundbreaking ideas for environmentally friendly, climate-neutral mobility. We shape future mobility!

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Whether urban, race, gravel, or mountain bikes: As a full system provider for smart e-bikes, MAHLE in Spain develops solutions for compact drive motors with customized motor control, a power-adapted battery, and connectivity components. Our new drive system for e-bikes X35+ weighs only 3.5 kilograms including the battery. The wheel hub motor, battery and control units are so compact that they can be integrated seamlessly into the bike frame. For more information: MAHLE SMARTBIKE SYSTEMS

Fuel cell project house

Hydrogen is an important cornerstone for climate-neutral road transport. MAHLE has brought together its expertise in the fuel cell project house, is politically committed to the use of climate-neutral hydrogen and has opened a hydrogen test bench in Stuttgart in 2021. This is where our employees carry out intensive testing on new developments in the periphery of the fuel cell - air management, thermal management - i.e., heating and cooling - and power electronics. In addition, the usage of hydrogen in internal combustion engines is being investigated. The aim is to develop economical and thus mass-market solutions for hydrogen.

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chargeBIG is a Corporate Startup of MAHLE which deals with centralized, scalable charging infrastructure for daytime parking and fleet operators. It aims to reduce power bottlenecks in the power grid and to enable faster build-up of a nationwide charging infrastructure. Learn more

New magnet-free electric motor

MAHLE is developing a new type of magnet-free electric motor in Šempeter pri Gorici (Slovenia) that does not require rare earths. This not only makes production more environmentally friendly and cost-effective, but also brings the advantage of independence from the raw-materials market. The central feature of the new motor is the inductive and thus contactless power transmission - this allows the motor to operate wear-free and particularly efficiently at high speeds. The efficiency in the most frequently used driving conditions of the drive system is over 95 percent - a value that has so far only been achieved by Formula E racing sports cars. MAHLE has succeeded in combining the strengths of various e-motor concepts in a single product. The new development is easily scalable and can therefore be used in everything from small vehicles to commercial vehicles. A big step on the way to sustainable e-mobility.

Job Profiles in the field of future mobility

Neža, Mechanical Engineering  in Ljubljana, Slovenia

"How I'm shaping the future of mobility? I'm working as a project manager on electric pumps. They are a central component in the cooling circuit of electric cars as they ensure that the battery is kept at the right temperature. Thus we extend the battery's life cycle so that our cars last longer on the road."

Neža, Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Electrical Engineer

As an electrical engineer at MAHLE, you take care of the design, development, production and assembly of electrical systems, plants, machines, devices and processes. You will be testing activities for our automotive electronic components.

This will range from ensuring compliance with electromagnetic, electrical and environmental standards, to the strict adherence of the behavior of our components to customer specifications.

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Tine, Mechanical Engineer in Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia

'As lead mechanical design engineer for automotive traction drive motors I know that looking at problems or challenges from different perspectives helps to find optimal solutions for our products globally.”

Tine, Mechanical Engineer in Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia

Mechanical Engineers

Take a product from start to finish, and design it for functionality and durability. If you have a deep understanding of core areas such as mechanics, dynamics, materials science and like to deepen your knowledge within an interdisciplinary team – join us!

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Pedro Gonzalez, Head of Electronics and Mechatronics Processes, Methods and Tools

“The cybercriminal threats on businesses and security breaches have been increasing in recent years. Thus, it is important for a company like MAHLE to secure the whole value chain of its E/E (electrical and electronics) products. Our multinational team is a unit that pursues a common goal: one never knows what hackers are planning tomorrow. So, we have to have management systems and processes to master that potential uncertainty.”

Pedro Gonzalez, Head of Electronics and Mechatronics Processes, Methods and Tools

Cybersecurity Engineer

As a Cybersecurity Engineer, you keep our products, like onboard chargers, electric compressors, or electric pumps safe from being hacked. Through the development of specific security concepts for each project, performing security analysis and attack security testing, you ensure the cyber security of our smart products throughout their entire life cycle - from the development and production phases right up until they are withdrawn from service.

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More jobs in the field of future mobility

System Engineers

You have a sense for the small details and an eye for the big picture? Enjoy the perks of interdisciplinary work and shape the entire process from design and manufacturing to operation with us.

Find your new job as System Engineer at MAHLE

Software Engineers

Algorithms, Big Data, Cloud, Digitization: You know the software alphabet by heart? Then join us, find your challenge and write new codes for micro controllers in applications of tomorrow’s mobility.

Find your new job as Software Engineer at MAHLE

Hardware Engineers

You like to keep switching back and forth between your computer and the electronics lab? If you can also operate your oscilloscope blindfolded and know your circuit boards in and out, you’re at the right place.

Find your new job as Hardware Engineer at MAHLE

Manufacturing Engineers

Do you enjoy troubleshooting equipment and part defects? In our team, you will have the opportunity to optimize our manufacturing processes to improve quality and material flow, while reducing cycle and setup times. All along you will work with the Process Planning team during development and launch of new equipment, tooling, and processes.

Find your new job as Manufacturing Engineer at MAHLE

#CONNECT: Diversity drives innovation

Every day, teams from over 30 countries combine their passion, knowledge and innovative strength to realize our goal: To make mobility more efficient, environmentally friendly and comfortable. The best example is our e-compressor, which is used in hybrid vehicles or in electric vehicles. It is developed in Amherst (USA), the corresponding engine is developed in Šempeter pri Gorici (Slovenia) and the electronics are contributed from Valencia (Spain). The motor is manufactured in Šempeter pri Gorici, while the electronics are manufactured in Changshu (China). Compressor production takes place in Balassagyarmat (Hungary) or Changshu (China). Find out more about the e-compressor here.

#CHANGE: Make your work matter!

To us, mobility means more than getting from A to B. For you, work means more than 9 to 5? Then take a closer look: At MAHLE, your drive and dedication count. Your work has an impact on our company, on the way we move, on society, and on the environment.

You are valuable to our team – and we value your everyday life

We want to support our MAHLE employees in achieving an even better work-life balance. These benefits are waiting for you:

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Your life is flexible, so are we: Thanks to our flexible working options, you can achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Benefits package MAHLEforME

Benefits package MAHLEforME

Our in-house canteen, DHL packing stations, a cleaning service and our company health insurance with attractive additional benefits spare you both time and nerves.

Attractive pay

Attractive pay

Our employees are our greatest asset. This thinking is reflected in an attractive remuneration package for everyone.

We also offer you many additional services such as training programs, our family service, pension plans and company sports groups.

Learn more about our benefits.

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Tamara Frankovic

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