From a internship to your final thesis - we offer the perfect complement to your studies

Combine your studies with exciting insights into the working world of a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry. It doesn't matter if you are only just starting out at university, are in the middle of your course or are already on the home stretch - we will carry you further. Complete your internship with us, where demanding tasks will be allocated to you right from the start. Or would you like to write your final thesis with us? We can assign practice-relevant topics to you and then provide you with experienced support. If you would like to work as a student, we look forward to welcoming you as a member of our working student or summer job teams.

Mission Statement

We appreciate your initiative, your flexibility and your commitment. For that reason, it goes without saying that you will be part of our team right from the start; and that you will work independently and assume responsibility. But because we also know that you are still right at the start of your career path, we will provide you with comprehensive support.

We can offer you

  • attractive tasks
  • targeted training
  • clear guidance
  • relevant feedback
  • the MAHLE network
  • attractive pay

This is your route to gaining practical experience with us during your studies:

To start with - the Pre- and Basic Internship

So, after leaving school with your high school certificate (Abitur), you would like to start a degree course that focuses on engineering and you need some proof of your basic technical knowledge?

In just a few weeks, we will teach you the basic principles in our training workshop. These will give you a leg up when it comes to understanding the content of your course. The pre- and basic internship is unpaid.

We offer

We will arrange the pre- and basic internship with you individually, in accordance with the guidelines and requirements of your particular university or college, and based on the following topics:

  • Skills and knowledge transfer in machining, transforming and primary shaping processes
  • Familiarisation with tool-making work processes
  • Familiarisation with fixture construction work processes

Fast Facts:

  • Internship Duration: 8 to 12 weeks
  • Start dates for Stuttgart: At our Stuttgart site, you can begin your pre- and basic internship in either mid-February or early June.
  • Start dates at other sites: You can see the respective location-dependent dates on the corresponding job advertisements.

Your Online Application

Here you will find our pre- and basic internship job opportunities.

To apply, you will need the following documents:

  • A cover letter
  • Your Resume
  • Your high school certificate (Abitur) (if not yet available, your last two semester reports)

Please submit your application online via the MAHLE recruiting portal, eMploy. Clicking on the "Apply" button, which is available as part of every job advertisement, will take you there automatically.

The Selection Process

We will review your application and then call you to discuss further steps with you.

Halfway - Internship

Whether you are on a bachelor’s, masters or diploma program - MAHLE offers you the opportunity to do a internship from your third technical semester. Show us your talent, whether it’s in a commercial or a technical field. Bring us your ideas and then take from us a wealth of practical knowledge to accompany you on your studies. During your internship with us, you will be given more responsibility in line with your increasing experience and you will work on different projects, all within an international environment. And if you really make a big impression on us, you will be given the opportunity to take part in our "PerforM!” talent program.

Aleš Humar, quality engineer

“My cooperation with MAHLE started with my practical training within the studies of commercial engineering, continued with student work and writing my diploma and later master thesis in the field of supplier and material management. Work in the company meets all my expectations as it perfectly completes my studies that are explicitly multidisciplinary. My job is to inform the management about important information on suppliers and quality of the supplied material, which is of help in taking decisions required for the necessary measures and activities in improving the workflow. I like having the freedom in creating and communicating my ideas and introducing changes that lead to continuous improvements. I appreciate that my superiors are including me in the teamwork processes. In the future I would like to deal with even more demanding tasks and have more responsibility in the field of supplier quality. This mostly includes improvements in reporting and implementation of corrective measures to the suppliers.”

Aleš Humar, quality engineer

On the Home Stretch – the Final Thesis

Write your Bachelor's, master's or diploma thesis at MAHLE - Our program is practice-orientated and offers you plenty of opportunities for skilled, professional interactions. We offer a variety of future-orientated tasks drawn from the technical and commercial fields we work in. You will develop concrete solutions to specific problems and will be able to verify the extent to which your ideas can be implemented in practice. Outstanding achievements will be honoured financially! Take the opportunity to build yourself a network and, at the same time, find a potential career pathway opening up before you, once you finish your studies.

Nejc Volk, project development engineer

"I joined the company immediately after the completion of my master's degree in mechanical engineering, having received a staff scholarship. Before that, I completed my practical training with the company and continued working for them as a student, where I had the opportunity to model vibrational analysis of a product, which the client was pleased with, and through which I learnt a lot. I successfully completed my studies with my master's thesis, which was born as a result of my practical work in the field of vibration. In my job, I appreciate the opportunity to work in all stages of product development, from conceptualisation to single measurement properties of the final product. This is important to gain experience and knowledge in a wide range of activities in the profession. What I enjoy most is putting theory into practice, whereby a new innovative product is gradually created from abstract mathematical models. In doing so, I appreciate the help of my colleagues who take the time to acquaint me with all the activities of the department. I realize that complex details often hide in seemingly simple problems, while extremely complex problems can sometimes be simplified considerably, which is a fact that I find interesting. Even before beginning work at the company, I imagined that I would come in contact with many areas of mechanical engineering due to its large size and the usefulness of interdisciplinary knowledge. The company provides these opportunities, since they represent the foundation of engineering and technological knowledge. I wanted to be present in an environment that is responsible for on-going development and implementation of new skills and encourages professional growth. With the production of high-quality electrical machinery, the company is focused on the electric future, the general trend of electrification and the most eco-friendly solutions for various drives. In the local environment, it is particularly important that as a large employer, the company also provides internship to pupils and students, thereby ensuring the acquisition of experience for the future staff.”

Nejc Volk, project development engineer

Working students - making progress with the added benefit of support with your studies.

Would you like to gain practical experience at the same time as pursuing your studies or have you completed your internship with us? As a working student, you will have the opportunity to work in a range of different departments. You can make direct use of your basic technical knowledge in challenging projects, which means you will learn a lot.

We offer

  • A maximum working time of 20 hours a week
  • Initially, a one-year contract
  • An option to extend this contract
  • Targeted training

What qualifies you

The fact that you are a bachelor's, master's or diploma student in fields such as the following:

  • Vehicle and engine technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical engineering
  • Production technology
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automation technology
  • Industrial engineering
  • Economics

In addition, you will have:

  • Good academic grades
  • Good English skills
  • Confident handling of MS Office
  • An independent, goal-orientated approach to work
  • Strong communication skills, commitment and team spirit
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm

Your Online Application

You will find our advertisements for Working Student opportunities here:

To apply, you will need the following documents:

  • A covering letter stating the period during which you would like to complete your Working Student placement
  • Your Resume
  • Certificates with grades
  • A course registration certificate

Please submit your application online via the MAHLE recruiting portal eMploy. Clicking on the "Apply" button, which is available as part of every job advertisement, will take you there automatically.

The Selection Process

Our Human Resources co-workers will review your application and then call to discuss further steps with you.

Find out more about our selection process.

Also of potential interest

Formula Student

MAHLE is one of the main sponsors of Formula Student Germany and selected teams. As a future engineer, you too can have the opportunity to prove your creativity in terms of a successful combination of construction and racing performance, financial planning and sales proposals. If you and your team from your University or Technical College can manage to persuade us with a big idea and a plan, we will supply you with financial support, our products and, last but not least, our know-how. You will then be best equipped to compete against other teams from all over the world with a self-designed and built Formula racing car.

For more information about Formula Student sponsorship packages, please contact:

HR Marketing

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