When can I apply for an apprenticeship?

Ideally, you should apply a least one year before the program begins. In Stuttgart, the application process starts already on the 1st of May each year. Please check your selected job posting to see if the application period has started.

When does the apprenticeship begin?

The starting date of the apprenticeship is based on the end of summer vacation for schools in the particular state in Germany.

For which occupations does MAHLE provide training?

MAHLE provides training for both technical and commercial occupations. You will find specific job descriptions in our latest job-opportunity announcements.

How long does an apprenticeship last at MAHLE?

In Germany, an apprenticeship generally lasts between two years and three-and-one-half years. The length of the program depends on a number of factors, including type of occupation, your school-leaving certificate and your individual performance.

How is the selection process for apprenticeships conducted?

Our selection process begins with a careful review of your application documents. If we like what we see, we will conduct occupation-specific screening tests and invite you to a job interview.

What school leaving qualification do I need?

For an apprenticeship you need either a High School degree (Abitur), secondary education degree or a school-leaving qualifications.

How important are my grades?

We put great emphasis on your personality. Nonetheless, your grades also are a criterion we use in pre-selecting suitable candidates.

I haven't received my diploma yet. Can I provide it later?

Yes. You can provide your diploma at any time via our recruiting portal eMploy. Please do not send it via email.

What questions can I expect to answer during the job interview?

Typical questions can include:

  • Why would you like to learn this occupation?
  • Why would you like to have an apprenticeship at MAHLE?
  • What interests you in particular about MAHLE?
  • What were your favorite subjects in school?
  • How can you best apply your special skills in your desired occupation?
  • What are your career plans?

Will MAHLE offer me other benefits besides the apprentice's pay?

Yes. In addition to your pay, you will receive individual advanced training opportunities at MAHLE. Sometimes, it will even be possible to earn a degree at a university of applied science at the same time. At some locations subsidise transportation costs and lunch.

What type of support will I receive during the apprenticeship?

The support will be provided by the trainer in the functional area where you are working. In addition to that a full time training supervisor will support you along the apprenticeship.

What are my chances of receiving a full-time job at MAHLE after the apprenticeship?

Because our apprenticeship program is based on the company’s needs, your chances of receiving a full-time job following your apprenticeship are very good.