Internship - the first test rounds.

It’s that time again: every school-age student has to complete an internship. While your schoolmates half-heartedly search for a position, you already know what you want! You have decided to gain insights into the working world at MAHLE. Good choice. Now it’s time to gather as many impressions as possible and let them all sink in.

Before you can get an insight into the working world as a high school intern, you have to meet some basic requirements. First off, your internship should last about one week, and you should be a student at a German college-preparatory high school, intermediate secondary school or general secondary school. The commercial area, the training center and the technical sections – e.g., technical drafting, are popular destinations for interns. The students take a seat next to the apprentices in the training center or in the various functional areas. This allows them to experience firsthand what an apprenticeship or university program is really like.

Your path unfolds before you:

Students interested in technology start in the training center for practical exercises, visit the technical design office and possibly have the chance to observe activities in a functional area.

Students with a passion for business explore such functional areas as human resources, procurement, logistics or the finance department.

This is how to get started:

Our vacancies for school leaver internships can be found here. Apply now and take the first step – with us!