Quoc Thang Tony Lam, apprentice

"As a motorsport fan, I became aware of the company through MAHLE's sponsorships. I knew that an employer was waiting for me here who had many years of experience in the industry and at the same time kept striving to develop innovative technologies. This impression was only reinforced when I saw how much this spirit of innovation is embraced by the employees and passed on to the apprentices by the instructors."

Quoc Thang Tony Lam, apprentice

A short insight into a typical day

Quoc Thang Tony Lam describes a typical work day for an apprentice at MAHLE

  • 07:00 a. m. – Starting work and discussing the progress of my tasks with the responsible instructor and issuing new tasks from supervisors
  • 07:15 a. m. – Setting up of a particular measuring circuit
  • 07:30 a. m. – Carrying out various measurements and tests on the circuit
  • 08:50 a. m. – Breakfast break
  • 09:20 a. m. – Documenting measurement results and working on topic-related tasks
  • 12:20 p. m. – Lunch break with colleagues
  • 13:00 p. m. – Perform further experiments and measurements on another measurement circuit
  • 15:30 p. m. – Cleaning up the workplace
  • 15:50 p. m. – Write report booklet
  • 16:00 p. m. – Work day ends
Leonie Nickodemus, dual student

"In school I took physics and economics as main subjects. That's why I was looking for a course of study that combined the technical and economic fields. I hit the bull's eye with industrial engineering (focus on electrical engineering). In the practical phases of my dual studies, I learn a lot that might be lost in a conventional course of study. This work experience has made me much more self-confident – for example, in dealing with my team and superiors.”

Leonie Nickodemus, dual student

A short insight into a typical day

My day always looks different – depending on whether I’m at university or in the company. For example, a day in assembly looks like this:

  • 08:00 a. m. – Checking and evaluating the data from last week
  • 10:00 a. m. – Presentation of results in the team
  • 11:00 a. m. – Preparation of new weekly tasks
  • 12:30 noon – Lunch with colleagues
  • 13:30 p. m. – Exchange with colleagues about new task
  • 14:00 p. m. – Planning the task and documentation
  • 15:00 p. m. – Performing and documenting the first test
  • 16:00 p. m. – End of work

Our mission statement

Giving young people a good education is our goal. We at MAHLE provide everything to integrate you from the first day with team spirit and support of each other. Structured introduction in the first few weeks forms a solid basis for your further progress. You will soon take responsibility for exciting tasks. Qualified instructors convey the latest, up to date job descriptions. In cooperative study processes, we place a great deal of value on professionally sound orientation. Individual support and targeted promotion are also a part of our training culture.

Identify and develop your strength

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