Custom vocational training

We value the individuality of our young talented people. That’s why we tailor vocational training to your goals and needs. You will be promoted and deployed according to your abilities.Instructive participation in various projects brings you a lot of variety, and provides you with a broad knowledge base.

Training at MAHLE

Ideal connection of practice and teamwork

Do you have craftsman like talent, and enjoy technology? Mechatronics, electronics and technical product design training courses are just a few of the professional opportunities we offer in our technical departments. If you are interest in commercial courses, and bring planning abilities, we have a variety of commercial professional training paths. Whichever direction you prefer:Teamwork from the beginning, activities in various departments and projects across locations are part of it.

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Electronics Technician for Automation Technology

With you, everything runs automatically! As an electronics technician for automation technology, you install the most advanced systems and automation equipment. By learning how these are maintained and serviced, you can immediately start applying your skills on the job with our team.

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Industrial Electronics Technician

When it comes to repairs, you are a true professional. So why not join our apprenticeship program and become an Industrial Electronics Technician. We give you an opportunity to carry out repairs on modern systems and instruct your colleagues in their operation. Programming is also part of your training, enabling you to reliably perform fault diagnoses.

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Warehouse Logistics Specialist

In your role as a Warehouse Logistics Specialist, your job entails not only ensuring that all goods arrive safely and are optimally stored at our plant, but also making sure that orders are reliably shipped to our customers. During your training, you will learn how goods are inspected, transported, and loaded. Your duties also include applying digital solutions to optimize processes.

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Foundry Mechanic

Your fireplace never runs cold? Neither does ours! As a Foundry Mechanic you will learn how to produce molten metal and how to influence the viscosity of liquid metals. Through our individual support, you will quickly become part of the casting process team and start creating your first workpieces.

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Industrial Management Assistant

Are you a talented negotiator? Then why not become an Industrial Management Assistant. During your apprenticeship, you will compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and customers, and monitor the production of goods. Marketing is also an integral part of your training, so that you have the skills set you need to clinch the best deal!

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Industrial Mechanic

For you, repairing defects is not a chore but a challenge! As an Industrial Mechanic, you will learn the ins and outs of repairing and servicing technical systems. You will follow every step of the manufacturing process – right through to monitoring the finished product. Thanks to our individual support, you will be involved right from the start, and learn from our specialists how to handle the most advanced machinery.

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Office Management Assistant

Do you have strong organizational skills? Then training as an Office Management Assistant is just right for you. A widely diverse role covering a broad range of applications awaits you. During your training, you will receive individual support so that you can familiarize yourself with the company and become part of the organizational process. Your apprenticeship will cover purchasing, logistics, marketing, and human resources management, giving you the skills to work in numerous areas.

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Management Assistant for Digitalization

Do you enjoy finding digital solutions for your everyday life? And are you passionate about driving digital transformation? As a Management Assistant for Digitalization, that is exactly what you will do. You are the key to a digitized future. By training in areas such as information technology and controlling as well as commercial topics, you will be optimally prepared to perform the groundbreaking work that will enable us to face the digital future with confidence.

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Mechatronics Technician

Are you a natural-born car mechanic? Then why not become an automotive Mechatronics Technician. In addition to troubleshooting and repair work, you will be closely involved in retrofitting additional equipment. Together with our team, you will ensure that we stay safe on the road.

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Machine and Plant Operator

Have you always dreamed of operating the big machines? Then why not become a Machine and Plant Operator. During your apprenticeship you will learn how to operate, maintain, and set up the latest machine systems. Together with our specialists, you will ensure that all our production processes run smoothly.

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Mechatronics Technician Apprenticeship

Mechanics, electronics, and computer science – these are the topics covered by the Mechatronics Technician Apprenticeship. You play a key role in ensuring optimum machine operation and combine all three areas into one. And you will also be trained by our specialists to carry out repairs and maintenance so that everything keeps running smoothly.

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Production Engineer

Are you the kind of person who makes things happen? Then why not start your training as a Production Engineer and learn all about how our modern production facilities are commissioned and maintained. You will support the test phase and become part of our team of experts. And you will make sure that our machines never stand still.

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Technical Product Designer

If you enjoy drawing and are interested in technical devices, then why not become a Technical Product Designer. This is your chance to learn how to create technical drawings and develop new products and machines hand in hand with our specialists. You will learn to use different drawing programs so that your concept can be taken from sketch to production.

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Process Mechanic

Are you naturally creative? And do you enjoy transforming simple materials into useful objects? Then become a Process Mechanic. During your training, you will learn how to produce all kinds of different components from raw materials. You are the go-to source for all downstream production processes. With our latest machines and state-of-the-art technology, you will contribute to the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

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Tool Mechanic

For you, the perfect tool has yet to be built. So why not simply make it yourself? As a Tool Mechanic, you can do just that: manufacture tools. You will produce and assemble the necessary instruments for industrial series production. Thanks to our individual support, you will gain insight into your future area of responsibility right from the outset and can get started immediately.

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Metal Cutting Technician

Are you bored with power wrenches? Wouldn’t you rather work with the big machines? Then become a Metal Cutting Technician. With CNC-controlled lathes and milling machines you will fabricate the parts for our products. With the support of our specialists you will learn how to handle the most modern machines and become part of our team.

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Part of the vocational training

In addition: You can also see what else to look forward to at MAHLE:

A variety of benefits

  • Training compensation using the current tariff agreement
  • Best opportunities to be employed full-time after completing training
  • Introductory weeks
  • Information events for candidates and their parents
  • Training and qualification activities.

Training and development

The Program

During and after your training with us, you will always be personally supported and promoted appropriately to your capabilities. We also support you if you start later as a master of your technical area, or would like to go to technical college. Therefore, we provide custom programs at each location which fit your exercised profession.

Additional qualifications

You will receive the following trainings with us:

  • MS Office Blended Learning
  • Outlook training courses
  • Practice-related and cross-location projects and group work
  • Business English/Intercultural Orientation
  • Basic instruction in the training center
  • Quality management
  • Presentation training

Further activities

  • Week of civil and social education
  • Healthcare courses
  • Social responsibility through social internships
  • Team-building exercises
  • Drug prevention
  • Collaboration in the junior editorial department of MAHLE global, our employee magazine
  • Product training
  • Production visits
  • Participation in career fairs
  • Project work at our foreign country affiliates
  • Chamber of commerce (IHK) training ambassadors
Lisa Thiess, apprentice

"We always realize our technical product design projects together as a team. In this process, we work out concepts from which the joint product emerges. This collaboration and the close contact with other apprentices is what makes the apprenticeship unique for me. We learn a lot from each other because we all have different perspectives and experiences. In addition, there are many internal training programs with all of the apprentices. And in summer, the whole training workshop goes on a trip together."

Lisa Thiess, apprentice

A short insight into a typical day

Lisa Thiess describes a typical work day for an apprentice at MAHLE

  • 07:00 a.m. – Starting work and checking emails
  • 07:30 a.m. – Short briefing with our instructor regarding the upcoming tasks
  • 08:00 a.m. – Project research
  • 11:00 a.m. – Design in the drawing program Catia V5
  • 12:20 p.m. – Lunch with colleagues
  • 13:00 p.m. – Conversion of the design into a 3D printable file
  • 14:00 p.m. – Configuration of the 3D printer and print task as well as completing other open doings
  • 16:00 p.m. – End of work
Gjulian Berisha, apprentice

"My apprenticeship in digitization management is really exciting because it offers a mix of commercial content and IT. I find both super interesting. In addition to the topics I'm learning, I also appreciate the support we apprentices receive: We can contact our colleagues at any time – no matter what question we have. This friendly and supportive relationship makes my apprenticeship very familial."

Gjulian Berisha, apprentice

A short insight into a typical day

Gjulian Berisha describes a typical work day for an apprentice at MAHLE

  • 07:30 a. m. – Work day begins
  • 07:45 a. m. – Checking and processing new emails and incoming calls
  • 08:30 a. m. – Working on a new assignment
  • 10:30 a. m. – Discussion of the results
  • 11:00 a. m. – Virtual customer meeting
  • 12:00 noon – Lunch break with colleagues
  • 12:45 p. m. – Debriefing of the meeting
  • 13:30 p. m. – Edit Excel file and add notes from customer meeting
  • 14:30 p. m. – Write report booklet
  • 15:30 p. m. – Work day ends

Well trained for your dream job with MAHLE

In cooperation with WELT, the analysis institute ServiceValue GmbH conducts large nationwide surveys to determine how attractive larger German companies are rated by the population as apprenticing companies.

In 2022, we were given the "Germany's Best Apprenticing Companies" award and rated very highly as an attractive vocational training company in the industry.

The results and further information on the award can be found Here

Your Application

Using this checklist, you will quickly be able to gather all the documents needed for your application.

To apply, you will need the following documents:

  • A cover letter in which you tell us something about yourself and explain why you would like to begin an apprenticeship.
  • A CV in a table format in which you can also tell us what interests you have outside of school.
  • A copy of the last three report cards. If you don’t yet have your final certificate, you can send this in later.
  • Proof of internships and further trainings (such as language or computer courses)

Please submit your application online via the MAHLE Recruiting-portal. In addition, you can click on the “apply” button where you will find every job description.

Sounds complicated? It's not. Take a look at our tips for your application at Your Application.

This is what you will bring with you

You already bring with you team spirit, commitment and enjoyment of working with new things. If you also have one of the following degrees, you've already mastered the first step to applying:

  • General university entrance qualification (abitur)
  • High school level 1 certificate
  • Certificate of Secondary Education

The respective training position description will list which degree is required.

Note: Applications will be accepted one year before the start of training - from May of each year.

Our selection process

As soon as we have received your application, we will send you an acknowledgment of receipt. If we like your application, we will invite you to a selection event. As a rule, there will be an employment test as well as a personal interview with us. If both were positive for both you and us, you’ll soon be signing your contract.

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