43 Locations in Germany


The headquarters of the MAHLE Group has been located in the Bad Cannstatt district of Stuttgart for nearly 100 years and employs over 4,000 persons.

There are also locations in Stuttgart-Feuerbach and Stuttgart-Münster. One of the 16 large global R&D centers as well as all of the main corporate functions are located in the capital city of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

With a population of around 630,000, Stuttgart is the six-largest city in Germany. But more importantly: Stuttgart is the birthplace of the automobile. With its large automakers and many major suppliers, such as MAHLE, the city ranks as a preeminent technology center. With its rich offering of cultural, leisure and sporting activities, along with easy access to the Swabian Jura, Lake Constance and the Black Forest - Stuttgart clearly has lots to offer.

The Baden-Württemberg capital has an outstanding transportation infrastructure with connections to all of the major economic centers of Europe. Because of its strategic location, the prosperous city also acts as an economic hub.


MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Albershausen

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH
Daimlerstr. 8
73095 Albershausen
+49 7161 3009-0
+49 7161 3009-33366


At the Auengrund MAHLE plant, located at the southwest border of the Thuringian Highland, coolant pumps, water pumps and oil pumps for special applications and car racing are developed. Here prototypes are also made for use in a full range of measurements and tests on new product designs. Endurance tests are performed for products on a range of test benches, such as the cold chamber, the engine test bench or the endurance testing system. Products are continuously optimized on other R&D systems such as the FEM simulation or the flow simulation.

The city Auengrund has a population around 2892 and is located on federal highway 4, a major connecting road between Thuringia and Upper Franconia. The densely forested surroundings of Auengrund offer ample opportunity for recreation and relaxation to hikers and nature lovers. To the northwest, the landscape extends to the nearby mountain lake Ratscher, where in the summer months campers come from near and far.

MAHLE Pumpensysteme GmbH, Auengrund

MAHLE Pumpensysteme GmbH
Ahornstr. 1-5
98673 Auengrund
+49 36878 620-0
+49 36878 620-23811


MAHLE Behr Berga GmbH, Berga

MAHLE Behr Berga GmbH
Eichenweg 2
06536 Berga
+49 34651 419-24011
+49 34651 419-24080


The Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf plant at the Freiberg production site in Saxony is part of the thermal management unit of the MAHLE Group, which today is one of the leading global original equipment manufacturers in the field of engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning outside the passenger car and truck market. The staff of around 100 employees produces a wide range of products and is proud of the long company history of the family-friendly plant.

Freiberg is located in central Saxony, southeast of Dresden, and has a population of around 41,000. As a college town, it offers excellent social opportunities, bucolic charm and a beautiful city center. The city offers an excellent quality of life with its many leisure activities, proximity to the Ore Mountains and Dresden, access to the state capital and airport, and proximity to the Freiberg University of Mining and Technology and TU Dresden.

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Ahornstr. 8
09627 Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf
+49 3731 3085-0
+49 3731 3085-42910


MAHLE Aftermarket Deutschland GmbH, Donaueschingen

MAHLE Aftermarket Deutschland GmbH
Duerrheimerstrasse 49A
78166 Donaueschingen
+49 771 89653-24200


MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH, Dresden

MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH
Räcknitzhöhe 35
01217 Dresden


MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH, Eching

MAHLE ZG Transmissions GmbH
Georg-Kollmannsberger Straße 3
85386 Eching


Eislingen/Fils location description.

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Eislingen/Fils

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH
Mühlbachstr. 11
73054 Eislingen/Fils
+49 7161 8005-0
+49 7161 8005-33177


In the Fellbach plant just a few kilometers from MAHLE's head office in Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt, employees develop and process pistons and cylinder components for motor sports and for high-performance series vehicles. The products produced in Fellbach are also treated with special surface coatings to improve wear properties and to reduce friction.

Whether in the DTM, Formula 3, FIA GT and Porsche Cup series, World Rally Car, European Le Mans Series and American Le Mans Series or other national and international races - the cutting-edge technology of MAHLE products made in Fellbach have stood the test of time. Most of the world championship titles won in the last ten years in Formula One have been won with MAHLE engine components. In 2010, Sebastian Vettel won the title with forged-piston assemblies made in Fellbach and his team were Red Bull Racing Formula One World Constructors' champions. And we're working to make sure it stays that way!

MAHLE GmbH, Fellbach

Schaflandstr. 10/1
70736 Fellbach
+49 711 501-0
+49 711 501-13555


MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Gaildorf

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH
Schillerstrasse 11
74405 Gaildorf
+49 7971 261-0
+49 7971 261-34333


The Reichenbach plant at the Heinsdorfergrund production site in Saxony is part of the thermal management unit of the MAHLE Group, which today is one of the leading global original equipment manufacturers in the field of engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning outside of the passenger car and truck market. The staff of around 330 employees produce a wide range of products and is proud of the long company history at the family-friendly plant.

With a population of around 21,000, Reichenbach is located in the Vogtland district between Zwickau and Plauen. The bucolic charm of the small town and the proximity to the Ore Mountains offer a rich range of leisure activities such as biking tours, hiking and more. The direct access to the A72 freeway and the proximity to the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences of Zwickau and the Chemnitz University of Technology are among the factors that make the site attractive.

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Heinsdorfergrund

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Gewerbering 2
08468 Heinsdorfergrund
+49 3765 3878-0


The Kirchberg site in Saxony is located in the automotive center of Zwickau at the foot of the Erzgebirge mountains. It has a long tradition in the field of thermal management and since 1992 has been part of the MAHLE thermal management business unit as a subsidiary. There around 300 employees mainly produce air-conditioning units for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The product line also includes radiator and evaporator tubes, refrigerant pipes and products for the spare parts business.

The site's recognition with the "PACCAR Quality Award" on multiple occasions demonstrates the fact that it places special value on thorough quality management in its production processes. This also includes the following certifications: IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 and DIN ISO 450001. Kirchberg is a pilot site for Industry 4.0 – RFID and maintains a high automation standard in production areas.

A workforce of around 8,500 work in Kirchberg and surrounding areas. In addition to convenient access to the A72, the site's many advantages include in particular the charming low mountain range and the proximity to major cultural and industrial centers such as Zwickau and Chemnitz. For families, there are extensive options and excellent child care with many educational opportunities. Various sports facilities and riding stables, youth clubs, a city library, small garden plots, as well as events by and for Kirchberg residents provide a wealth of options for leisure activity. Popular excursion destinations include the hiking paths, the visitor mine, as well as the Borberg mountain and Pohlteich lake

MAHLE Behr Kirchberg GmbH, Kirchberg

MAHLE Behr Kirchberg GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 26
08107 Kirchberg
+49 37602 672-0



Lying between the district towns of Tuttlingen and Sigmaringen in the Danube valley is the Leibertingen plant. The plant is one of the most modern in the entire MAHLE Group. Assembled camshafts are produced in highly automated production processes. The process steps inductive hardening, cam bore machining and cam shape milling are performed in fully automated systems. The assembled camshafts are finished on automated production lines. Here the cams are joined to the pipe by thermal shrink fit. The production concept is highly flexible and includes integrated measurement and testing technology. The staff of around 415 are proud of the increase in the number of camshafts produced from 1.8 million in 2013 to the 7 million expected in 2020.

The municipality Leibertingen with its districts Altheim, Kreenheinstetten and Thalheim has a population of around 2,100. The municipality includes kindergartens and a primary school. The next larger cities, which are easily accessible with daily bus connections, are Sigmaringen (population around 16,500) and the former residence city of Messkirch (population around 8,300). Messkirch offers a full range of secondary school options including lower (Hauptschule), intermediate (Realschule) and upper level (Gymnasium). The district town of Sigmaringen, located 24 km away, offers all advanced schooling levels.

The municipality Leibertingen offers a number of communal associations such as the flying association of Leibertingen, a fire department, music associations, festival jester clubs, sports clubs and a gymnastic club. The town offers residents and visitors alike a wide range of cultural amenities as well as a magnificent backdrop for living and spending time. The nearby Danube valley is an inviting destination for recreation and relaxation, as well as for sporting activities (climbing, hiking, biking). The nearest highway connection, A81 to Stuttgart and Singen, is 42 km away.

The area features the wild-romantic Danube valley, the Upper Danube Nature Park, the Wildenstein Castle and the sailplane field. Lake Constance is also just 50 km from Leibertingen.

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Leibertingen

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH
Fred-Hahn-Str. 8-10
88637 Leibertingen
+49 7466 9279-0



Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH, Lippstadt

Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH
Sales office
Hansastr. 40
59557 Lippstadt
+49 2941 66-6000
+49 2941 66-6001


MAHLE Blechtechnologie GmbH, Lorch

MAHLE Blechtechnologie GmbH
73547 Lorch



Mühlacker, the largest city in the Enz district, lies to the northwest of Baden-Württemberg, 40 km from Stuttgart. The rural region offers convenient connections to public transportation and railway lines. In April 2013, the Mühlacker plant celebrated 50 years of operation. It is the largest German production location of the MAHLE thermal management business unit. With a workforce of around 1,500, Mühlacker is the second-largest site in the business unit in Germany after Stuttgart.

The Mühlacker plant has an extensive product portfolio. All-aluminum radiators, heater cores and power-steering oil coolers are produced for passenger cars, and radiators are produced for utility vehicles. From these and other components here the factory's in-house spectrum ranges from welding tubes and stamped parts to disc evaporators, oil and battery coolers, and other components are supplied from other plants cooling modules and charge-air coolers for light vehicle and truck applications are also manufactured. With the merger of the Mühlacker and Kornwestheim plant the portfolio extended to include thermostats, valves and elements.

The plant has been recognized with various awards for its lean and innovative processes, among them the "Automotive Lean Production Award" (2011). This award recognizes companies for harmonizing processes, costs and quality.

MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG, Mühlacker

MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG
Lienzinger Str. 82
75417 Mühlacker
+49 7041 980-0
+49 7041 980-39357


MAHLE Powertrain GmbH, München

MAHLE Powertrain GmbH
Wamslerstrasse 5
81829 München
+49 89 962915-0


MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Mylau

MAHLE Industrial Thermal Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 27
08499 Mylau
+49 3765 3878-0

Neustadt an der Donau

Located in the Lower Bavarian spa town of Neustadt an der Donau, this plant commenced production in 1987. It is ideally situated logistically between Ingolstadt (Audi), Regensburg and Dingolfing (BMW), Augsburg (MAN) and Munich. The employees produce car air-conditioners for premium customers. Various awards provide the Neustadt location with excellent references, including the recent quality award VQE from Volvo Car, which recognizes the plant as a supplier offering consistently high quality. This was confirmed with the Production Award that was awarded to us by Roland Berger.

Its outstanding expertise in plastics manufacturing is particularly noteworthy. In addition to Mucell, the location has been producing modular cross members in an automated manufacturing process since April 2012.

MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG, Neustadt an der Donau

MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG
Raffineriestr. 99
93333 Neustadt an der Donau
+49 9445 968-0
+49 711 50144-47101


The Rottweil plant, located in southern Germany between the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest, about 90 km south of Stuttgart, is the competence center for piston production. It is one of the largest piston-producing plants in the MAHLE Group – and the largest in all of Europe. The now 100,000 square meter plant has been in existence since 1943. A dedicated staff of around 900 employees work on ultra-modern production systems, some of them fully automated, and have over multiple generations. Each day pistons are produced in the thousands for use in virtually all vehicle classes - from small cars to heavy-duty vehicles. But in addition, pistons for high-speed vehicles in different racing series and prototypes for new generations of engines are produced in Rottweil. Working as a team, sticking together and always staying one step ahead of the competition - these are the ingredients for the success of the Rottweil plant.

Rottweil and surrounding areas has a population of approx. 25,000, is the largest city in the district of Rottweil and is located between the Back Forest and the Swabian Jura, Stuttgart and Lake Constance. As the oldest city in Baden-Württemberg, medieval buildings and stately town houses form a backdrop for the pulsating life of the Rottweil of today. Art and culture play a prominent role. Rottweil is also very livable. A number of construction districts are particularly well suited for families with children and are conveniently situated close to the city's school and sports centers. With Rottweil's location between the Swabian Jura and the Back Forest, the environment is rich in opportunities to enjoy pure nature and has plenty of recreational offerings not only for hikers, bikers and joggers, but for families as well.

The quality transportation infrastructure includes direct rail connection to the A81, as well as regional rail and bus connections. A full range of government offices are located directly on site in the district town. The town also has excellent educational offerings, including seven primary schools and seven upper level high schools (Gymnasien) with different areas of focus, a Waldorf school, a training academy (Bildungsakademie) and several technical and vocational schools.

The large climbing center "K5", the "power plant", is one of the most innovative event locations in southern Germany. An additional attraction is the Thyssen Krupp test tower which, as Germany's tallest public visitor platform (232 meters), is not only an attraction for tourists.

MAHLE GmbH, Rottweil

Primtalstr. 2
78628 Rottweil
+49 741 255-0


The plant in Schorndorf, 26 km east of Stuttgart in the Rems-Murr district, is home to the European storage center for the MAHLE Aftermarket. The plant has grown continuously since going on line. The currently 400 employees work closely with all of the different units and are continuously expanding the product portfolio. Currently the portfolio includes engine parts, filters, turbochargers, thermostats, compressors, starters, generators and electric motors, as well as control and power electronics.

With a population of 39,600, Schorndorf is the third largest city in the Rems-Murr district and with its direct connection to federal highway 29 offers an ideal connection to the shopping centers in the historic city center and to the inner city of Stuttgart (30km). With its location in the Rems Valley, Schorndorf and the surrounding area offer rich leisure opportunities. It draws visitors with its many events as well as its rich opportunities for recreation and relaxation, and also for sporting activities (climbing, hiking, biking). In addition, the city has an excellent range of educational offerings with its primary schools, lower, intermediate, applied intermediate and upper level high schools.

MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH, Schorndorf

MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH
Schorndorfer Str. 96
73614 Schorndorf
+49 7181 7952-0
+49 7181 7952-24550

Schwäbisch Hall

MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH, Schwäbisch Hall

MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH
Dr. Manfred Behr Straße 1
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Vaihingen an der Enz

Stuttgart Metropolitan Region. The site is responsible for the production of Visco® clutches and fans for cars and commercial vehicles. The product portfolio includes the most powerful Visco® fan for trucks and the continuously variable Visco® coolant pump for commercial vehicles that went into series production in 2011. With the latter, the plant has a real world first in its range.

In addition to the Visco® products, turned parts such as basic bodies or primary disks also belong to the product range of the location. For this reason, Vaihingen has the largest machining process within the MAHLE thermal management division.

From Vaihingen / Enz, MAHLE supplies all well-known commercial vehicle manufacturers in Europe, but also a large number of customers in Japan, Brazil, Russia and the USA. Since the development department is also located at the site, the plant can offer its customers everything from a single source, from the first product idea to the product ready for series production.

MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG, Vaihingen an der Enz

MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG
Planckstraße 12
71665 Vaihingen an der Enz
+49 7042 106-0


With around 500 employees, the MAHLE Wölfersheim plant, located between Frankfurt and Gießen, is the lead plant for all valve production at MAHLE. The large product line includes more than 40 different valve types for common engine applications which are installed in combustion engines in virtually all prominent automakers. Employees can look back with pride on a long history of success at the site in Wölfersheim. As an IATF 16949 certified company, mass production is carried out with great precision and quality on modern production facilities.

Wölfersheim boasts a charming country setting in the middle of the beautiful Wetterau area overlooking the Vogelsberg mountain in the district that bears its name. The location also includes the Wetterau lake district, nature preserve areas, golf courses, an extensive biking path network, hiking paths and much more. Wölfersheim has the full infrastructure of a small city with supermarkets, stores, doctors offices, schools and other facilities for your daily needs. Various interesting cities can be easily reached within 15 to 30 minutes by car. The plant itself is conveniently situated directly on the A45 between Hanau and Wetzlar. Located right next door is a large supermarket with a bakery and a larger discount store.

Extending to the southwest is the Taunus mountain range with its charming cities Friedberg, Bad Nauheim and Bad Homburg. To the northwest lie a number of idyllic small towns, some with historic old towns. The larger cities nearby such as Giessen and Wetzlar offer a range of opportunities for leisure activity and great shopping. But surely the most interesting attraction for big-city lovers is Frankfurt am Main, located just an hour away by car.

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Wölfersheim

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH
Industriestr. 40
61200 Wölfersheim
+ 49 6036 9890-0
+ 49 6036 9890-36900


With around 150 employees, the MAHLE plant in Wustermark is the lead plant for the entire MAHLE company for the production of pumps. On approx. 8,000 square meters of production space in bright and modern production halls, regulated oil and tandem pumps are manufactured for common engine applications, which are installed in combustion engines for virtually all major automakers. Along with the assembly of these pumps, core processes also include the mechanical processing of individual components. As an IATF 16949 certified company, mass production is carried out with great precision and quality on modern, and in most cases fully automated, production facilities.

Wustermark is scenically located in the Havelland district. It is surrounded by numerous lakes and forests – a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, hikers and bikers. Wölfersheim, and the adjacent town of Brieselang, has the full infrastructure of a small city with supermarkets, stores, doctors, schools and other facilities to meet daily needs. Potsdam, but also the center of Berlin, can be easily reached in 30 minutes. The plant itself is conveniently situated immediately on the A10 and is also accessible from Berlin and Potsdam by commuter train.

MAHLE Pumpensysteme GmbH, Wustermark

MAHLE Pumpensysteme GmbH
Bremer Ring 9
14641 Wustermark
+49 33234 134-0
+49 33234 134-31405

Zell im Wiesental

The plant in Zell, which since 1996 has been fully owned by MAHLE Ventiltrieb, is located in the Southern Black Forest not far from the three-country corner. The site specializes in the production of valve guides, valve seat inserts and turbocharger components. The product line in these areas is highly diverse and also includes a number of customer-specific versions. The Zell plant also has its own foundry for the production of special alloys and materials. In Zell a workforce of 535 workers work in production with modern production processes and in internal material development. The plant's internal training department is a place where young, motivated workers are trained for the future.

Zell im Wiesental has a population around 6,200. The region has an excellent infrastructure, including an airport, an extensive network of rail connections, various shopping centers and plenty of kindergartens, in addition to school systems of all types, including a cooperative university, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW Lörrach). In addition, the cities of Basel and Freiburg are conveniently within reach. A large recreational area is an inviting site for hiking, skiing or mountain biking. The diversity of cultural events and clubs further allows for a balanced structuring of leisure time.

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH, Zell im Wiesental

MAHLE Ventiltrieb GmbH
Fischbachweg 19
79669 Zell im Wiesental
+49 7625 132-0
+49 7625 132-37129