Drive down two lanes with your ambition

You will find the ideal conditions with your cooperative studies at MAHLE in order to further develop. In one go, you will gain practical know-how and in-depth theoretical knowledge. Your job counts here. We support your completely, and provide targeted support. Thus you can reach your professional goals with perseverance and passion.

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Cooperative studies positions

Business Administration

If you enjoy planning training events, thrive on taking initiative and ownership, and are an organizational wizard, then our cooperative study program in Business Administration is perfect for you! This is your opportunity to learn everything about management, organization, and control, so that everything turns out according to your plans. You will gain insights into the areas of controlling, materials management, logistics, sales and accounting and, with our individual support, you will help steer the future course of the company.

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Electrical Engineering

Smartphones at work? With our cooperative study program in Electrical Engineering, that's exactly what's on the agenda. Whether it's remote-controlled cars or real cars, we teach you all you need to know about e-mobility and charging systems so that we can all reach our destination quickly and safely. In the development of smart home and assistance systems, you actively shape and make other people’s daily lives easier.

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Embedded Systems

How do you build a functional laptop from numerous individual parts? And how do hardware and software interact? You will learn all this and much more in our Embedded Systems cooperative study program which focuses on issues such as digitalization and real-time applications. Working on various projects in our company, your ideas will help move technology forward.

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Computer Science

You tell the computer where to go! During your cooperative study program in Computer Science, you will learn how the software for navigation systems and autopilots is created. Your focus will be on the automotive industry, thus ensuring that we all reach our destination in the end. You will be involved in new projects and be able to witness the development of innovative ideas in the field of vehicle systems.

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Mechanical Engineering

For you, it’s the small parts that make up a big project. With the cooperative study program in Mechanical Engineering, you will work alongside our specialists to develop new machines and systems from scratch. You are an idea generator, and during your studies on subjects such as design and production technology, you will acquire the skills to develop new and innovative systems.

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Without you, nothing works! In our cooperative study program in Mechatronics, you will act as the interface between electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and information technology. Working with our department specialists, you will develop new solutions for installation and control technology. You will gain insights into the areas of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software development and materials technology so that you can optimally combine them.

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Business Informatics

You can't decide between computer science and business? You don't have to! With our cooperative study program in Business Informatics, you gain insights into both computer science and business. The course covers subjects like software engineering and IT technologies, as well as sales and marketing. And best of all: At the end of your studies, you will be so broadly positioned that you can decide where your career should take you.

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Industrial Engineer

You like technology, but are not ready to decide just yet? Then a cooperative study program in Industrial Engineering is just right for you. This program gives you a full insight into engineering, and covers areas such as electrical engineering, software development and computer science, as well as business areas like controlling, marketing and sales. This makes your studies just as versatile as your career options.

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E-Mobility Plus

Not sure yet whether you want to do an apprenticeship or study? E-mobility Plus offers you both. Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you can immediately start with your studies. You will receive extensive training in subjects such as electrical engineering and computer science and can hone your skills through frequent practical assignments. Your training will focus on electromobility, where you will work hand in hand with our specialists to drive forward innovative projects.

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Study Plus Program

You don't want to study right away, but you don't want to waste time either? Then why not embark on a StudyPlus program. In this scheme, you start with an apprenticeship and follow it up with a degree program. So not only do you receive comprehensive training, you also have a solid foundation for your studies.

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Onboarding for the cooperative study program participants

It’s time to pack your suitcase when you start your studies at MAHLE. Let's go to the social education week. For our freshmen and their instructors, we provide five days of teamwork and social networking in the program. Of course, you’ll also receive information for your start in your cooperative studies.

Here are a few impressions of the warm-up@MAHLE:

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Worth knowing about the cooperatiev study program

You can decide between technical, IT and commercial study courses for your cooperative studies. You will complete the practical portion in various departments that fit exactly to your study program. You will gather important experience in your everyday activities, and can directly practice what you learn in your studies.

Your opportunity to be employed full-time by

MAHLE after your studies is quite high. Currently

the chances are nearly 100%.

Training and development

Additional qualifications

You will receive the following continuing education with us:

  • Cross-location project work
  • Presentation training
  • Methods skills such as lean production and project management
  • Intercultural workshops

Further activities

  • Project work with our foreign country affiliates
  • Participation at recruiting fairs
  • Study-related additional qualifications at the cooperative university (instructor aptitude test, etc.)
  • Product training
  • Production visits
  • Social Education Week
  • Team-building exercises
Lukas Pobitzer, dual student

"I have always been fascinated by vehicle technology. My desire to develop vehicle components myself arose during my apprenticeship as an automotive mechatronics technician. That's why I decided to study the dual mechanical engineering program, specializing in vehicle systems engineering. Here I learn to plan and implement projects from scratch. Currently, for example, we are working at the university on the construction of an individualized truck that can be controlled via app.”

Lukas Pobitzer, dual student

A short insight into a typical day

My daily routines are always different, in my current practical phase I am working on a project in the motorsport sector:

  • 07:00 a. m. – Edit emails and create charts
  • 08:00 a. m. – Weekly meeting about the upcoming work steps
  • 09:00 a. m. – Literature research on the respective project
  • 11:00 a. m. – Prepare material samples for different measurements
  • 12:00 noon – Lunch in the factory canteen
  • 13:00 p. m. – Different measurements with existing material samples
  • 14:30 p. m. – Create diagrams from measurements and evaluate them
  • 15:00 p. m. – Checking mails again as well as saving measurement data and evaluating them
  • 16:00 p. m. – End of work
Marc Fürst, cooperative student

After completing my technical diploma in mechatronics, I found the perfect place for my cooperative studies at MAHLE. The company is diversified and therefore fit for the future, which was very important to me personally. During my training as a mechatronics technician, I first learned all the basics such as filing or sawing, and put them into practice in exciting projects. After graduating with a skilled worker's certificate, I will further deepen this knowledge in practice-oriented studies in areas such as research & development. After a total of five years, I will then complete the in-depth training with a Bachelor of Engineering with a focus on electromobility.”

Marc Fürst, cooperative student

Your application

Cooperative studies begin each year on September and last for three years. There is no fixed application deadline. Most of our places are already filled nine months before the start of studies. So apply quickly!

Note: Applications will be accepted one year before your studies begin - starting in May each year.

This is what you will bring with you

A prerequisite for cooperative studies is general university entrance qualification (abitur) or technical entrance qualification (technical abitur) with a fitting focus in your studies. You will find the respective areas of focus in the individual course descriptions.

Your online application

Please submit your application online via the MAHLE Recruiting-portal. In addition, you can click on the “apply” button where you will find every job description.

If you can’t decide between two courses of study, you can apply for both at the same time. This assumes that the professions are similar.


Please send us the following documents:

  • A cover letter in which you tell us something about yourself and explain why you would like to begin dual studies.
  • A CV in a tabular format in which you can also tell us what interests you in your free time.
  • A copy of the last three certificates in a row.
  • Proof of internships and further education (such as language or computer courses)

Our selection process

If you have convinced us with your application, we will invite you to an application day. Profession-specific tests, group exercises and your own presentation will give you the opportunity to present yourself in greater detail. The day will be rounded out with a personal interview with us. Then we can welcome you, hopefully soon, as a student with us.

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