FAQs for university graduates

What entry opportunities do I have as university graduate?

You can start working at MAHLE as a graduate or as a direct hire. In both cases, we offer several interesting fields of work.

What is the difference between the International Graduate Program and Direct entry?

All positions that require profound specialized knowledge are generally filled with direct hires. If you choose the route of direct entry, you will start working as a specialist in your respective area.

Graduates are trained in many different areas at MAHLE. The training focuses on project work in different functional areas – and placement abroad, of course – as well as the creation of an individual group-wide network. Through this training, you are systematically prepared to assume a position of responsibility later on.

How long does the International Graduate Program last?

The program lasts between 15 months and 18 months.

Is placement abroad part of the International Graduate Program?

Yes, a central element of our International Graduate Program is a 3-month- to 6-month stay abroad.

What areas are covered by the International Graduate Program?

In the international graduate program, you can work in various focus areas in the technical or commercial area. You can find a list of the focus areas here.

What kind of contract will I have as a graduate?

As a graduate of the International Graduate Program, you’ll receive a permanent position with above-average pay.

What majors are preferred at MAHLE?

We are looking for different majors – it all depends on the position or the focus of your potential activities. You can find out exactly what we’re looking for in our current job listings.

What type of university degree do I need?

To take part in our International Graduate Program, you should have above-average grades and successfully obtained a degree in one of the desired fields from a university or a university of applied sciences.

Can I still apply for the International Graduate Program if I don't have any international experience?

Because intercultural experience is a central selection criterion, we only accept applications from graduates who have studied or worked abroad.

What happens during the application process for the International Graduate Program?

If we like what we see, you will have the opportunity to convince us of your merits. In person. In a three-step selection process: Telephone interview -> Assessment center -> interview functional area.

What can I expect at the Assessment Center?

At the Assessment Center, you must prove your skills in individual and group exercises conducted in German and in English as well as in tests.

What happens after the International Graduate Program?

After you have successfully completed our International Graduate Program, you assume a position of responsibility in your functional area.

Is it possible to work remotely at MAHLE?

Depending on the job profile and personal situation of the employee, MAHLE offers the possibility of flexible working, for example through home office. This is how we support our employees in balancing their professional and private lives.